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Weight Loss Eating Eggs : The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

Weight Loss Eating Eggs Video

Weight Loss Eating Eggs

The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

The Egg Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Clinical Nutrition

Eggs are a good food and eating eggs as part of a balanced diet will not raise your cholesterol. On the other hand, eating an egg by itself will leave you hungry. Learn more: http://ucla.in/2xt5CIb

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  1. I just tried the egg fast a couple of weeks ago… eating nothing but eggs, butter and a couple of pieces of cheddar cheese.. I did it for 4 days and I ended up losing 5 lbs… and it wasn't just water weight.. because I had been on keto 3 weeks prior to that and had already lost all the water weight I had to lose…. How healthy it is? No idea… but do you lose weight on it? Absolutely… and fast!!!!!

  2. When ever I eat egg my stomach started getting pain ok tell me the reason ok doctor and tell me about the medicine ok doctor

  3. Apparently for years the amount of recommended protein was set at around 10%. The recommended goal posts have gone up now!…..But should we be eating more protein than 10%?? Well, according to the largest nutrition study ever undertaken by the scientist Colin T Campbell PHD, who wrote The China Study, the answer is caterogorically NO. Dr Campbell found that those who eat more than 10% animal protein are more likely to get cancer. Add milk to the equation then you definately increased your risk of getting cancer. Dr Campbell was quite astounded when he found this out, so much so, that he double checked his work, and also got other doctors to check it for him. In the end he had to accept the facts. Hence the China Study was published. I dont think the meat and dairy industry where very happy Dr Campbells findings. But he was right, the higher the protein levels, along with milk, cause cancer to grow in the body. It's worth buying a copy of The China Study…..you wont regret it and it could very well save your life! Eggs are high in saturated fat and this isn't good for you either. As John McDougall says (a very brilliant Doctor)….'the fat you consume is the fat you wear!'.

  4. This is the same guy that said the Paleo diet is unhealthy then went on to basically say you should eat a Paleo style diet. not eating processed carbs, grains, or dairy and focusing on whole foods smh.

  5. It worked for me I lost 8 lb doing 3 day egg fastand if we are healthy doctors will go out of business they don't want us to know everything

  6. If you're doing the egg diet, make sure you're still working out because most likely youre just losing muscle not actual fat.

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