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Weight Loss Dog Food Yorkie : No Fat Dogs! How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Weight Loss Dog Food Yorkie Video

Weight Loss Dog Food Yorkie

No Fat Dogs! How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

No Fat Dogs! How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Ever wonder what a “healthy weight” looks like on a dog? It’s easy to measure whether or not your dog is at a healthy weight with just one quick glance. This video gives you easy tips to help your dog lose weight, as well as how to tell if your dog is at a healthy weight.

This video (and accompanying article) detail how easy it is to tell if your dog is overweight and, if he is, how easy it can be to help him lose the extra weight. Read the article (and watch the embedded video) here: http://smartdoguniversity.com/two-quick-ways-tell-dog-overweight-video/

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  1. what if ur parents wont take ur dog to the vet because its too much money but hes obese and they feed him everyday and they wouldnt start him on a diet

  2. I want to know what to do my mother-in-law feeds my dog human food every day and he is way overweight it is 11 years old

  3. My dog its 6 month and weighs 19kg 500grams and she is an american bully classic and this breed here where i live its unknown and really strange to find, and my Veterinary who is a well known vet, told me she is overweight and told me all the health risk, i reduced her food intake and she looks more slim and more agile but she is losing weight slow and also gets really exhausted after running and playing with me. Its being hard for her losing weight, i do not know if changing lower calorie croquettes or vegan croquettes?

  4. How do I lose my dog's weight in 2 months. As the pet policy in flights is that they can carry a maximum of 35kg dog. And my lab is around 45kgs

  5. First 2 minutes talking about making sure food is level with the cup. We figured that out first time said make sure food level with cup. Didnt need to take 2 minutes going over it again, and again.

  6. You cant just give a dog dry food.. nor a cat.. they need meat… otherwise they end up with kidney etc problems..

  7. Good job you are correct you can't always go by what is recommended on the bag every dog is different I have a 3 year old Australian Shepherd active but not high strung has plenty of exercise was getting one and a half cups dry I changed to one cup dry and three-quarter cup mixed vegetables also about 20 Frozen blueberries also 1 Milk-Bone in the morning for a treat perfect weight about 60 lb

  8. My Dogs eats what ever makes them HAPPY! What 15 to 25 years old that’s all they live for and you people put them on MISERABLE DIETS & Yes you know as good as I ALL DIETS SUCK! My dogs live a full life and a happy one you go ahead and have a miserable dog for it’s sad life to make you feel better! that’s so sad. Dogs don’t live long enough to really worry about there figure and it’s rare,… RARE! That it’s a health reason so many unhappy animals!

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