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Weight Loss Diet That Includes Alcohol : Guide to Keto Alcohol & Beverages

Weight Loss Diet That Includes Alcohol Video

Weight Loss Diet That Includes Alcohol

Guide to Keto Alcohol & Beverages

Guide to Keto Alcohol & Beverages

Having a social life on a ketogenic diet is something that many find hard to do. There are carbs pretty much everywhere you look, and that’s especially the case when you’re in a bar. Cutting out all the beer and wine is a great start, but sticking with hard liquor is usually the best choice. Even though hard liquor is made from natural sugars, grains, potatoes, and fruits – during the fermentation and distillation process that sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol.

Be aware that many people experience a heightened level of being drunk and at a quicker rate than usual. While that may be a great thing for some, you need to be careful – especially if you’re driving. Do not drink and drive. Be very careful when on a ketogenic diet and consuming alcohol.

There are plenty of people that also experience worse hangover while on a ketogenic diet, so make sure you stay hydrated. The typical advice is to drink 1 glass of water per 1 shot (or glass) of alcohol you drink.

The Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol

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  1. @ 4:17 This is So So True.
    Before I got on the Keto Diet I could drink a 6 Pk of Bud Light and 1-2 shots before I get intoxicated
    Now 1 Glass of Whine I'm feeling like I drank 2 Beers and 2 Shots.
    Guess that's good since it shows my system is in Keto mode lol
    Also don't have to drink much.

  2. last night I drank a half pint of gin. this morning the keto meter puts me at 3.5 mili mol.
    mixed it with 2 0z pashion fruit juice, 1 oz lemon juice, selzer and some stevia.

  3. I just want to know how to kill a hangover while in ketosis. If I kill a 750 of vodka I'm hungover for at least a day later even if I drink a couple gallons of water and go on a 5-mile hike.

  4. I’m almost a month into Keto & IF. 4days ago I went out for dinner and then impromptu drinks. Fast forward and I unconsciously drank as I would have done before. Wow the hangover was strong. For the first 24hrs I couldn’t even keep water down. On the third day it was my mums birthday and we went out for dinner. I managed 5 mouthfuls before having to ask the waiter to take it away. I’ve been drinking water since I could keep it down but I still feel really nauseous. I feel too sick to eat but managed dinner last night. Now I feel like the foods just sitting on me. How can I move my body past this and back into normality it’s almost 5days now ☹️

  5. ok that smoothie sucks, i recommend a PB&J smoothie with one cup of berries, two table spoons of peanut butter and almond milk

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