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Weight Loss Diet Reddit : People Reveal Tips For Losing Weight Easily (r/AskReddit)

Weight Loss Diet Reddit Video

Weight Loss Diet Reddit

People Reveal Tips For Losing Weight Easily (r/AskReddit)

People Reveal Tips For Losing Weight Easily (r/AskReddit)

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  1. One of my biggest weakness was sugary Dutch Bros/ Starbucks drinks, cur those out and get used to coffee and low cal milk, occasionally I'll do a sugar free syrup. Those sugary drinks can easily be up to 800 cals, that's two meals worth of calories!

  2. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far not rlly noticeable but im working on loosing more. I’m 15 almost 16 and female. 5’8” 163 lbs. my goal is like 150.

  3. My little diet tip. I used to think that I needed a huge breakfast if scrambled eggs, two pieces of avacado toast, an apple, and a banana. All healthy food, but too much for one meal. I cut it down to scrambled eggs, one piece of avacado toast and an apple, eventually it went down to just avacado toast and an apple. I never realized just how little food was actually necessary for me. I'm not an adult, I don't need to eat like one, especially since I'm not very active.

  4. Start viewing food as fuel and not an indulgence. Because that's what it is. Unfortunately it's hard to resist these days but once you begin to it's so so so easy

  5. This video and the others in this series are jam-packed with solid gold advice. If this series could be transcribed into book form, it would be a million seller. These videos merit being watched again and again.

  6. The tip about trusting no one with your meals is one of the main things I’m doing right now. Secretly having my family going on a life style change (cause I hate the word ‘diet’) sometimes my mom makes my siblings cook and I just convince them I’m fine cooking alone.

    Quick tip: Oil in general has a lot of calories. 1 tablespoon is about 120 kcals for most oils. My mom taught me to instead of just adding more oil when you see that what ever you’re cooking is burning, you should just add a little bit of water, you eliminate the possibility of adding more overloaded calories than needed. Also try more protein in you diet but don’t over do it. Ex- One piece on salmon, vegetable stir fry, and rice/ any pasta of choice. Protein should be the biggest proportion in my opinion cause it fills you up quicker. Vegetables or fruit second and any carb as you smallest proportion (again you can switch it up a bit if you want) I’m still struggling but it’s helped so far.

    If anyone reading this is on their journey into weight loss- I wish you the best of luck in living a healthier life and I believe in you.

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