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Weight Loss Diet Quality : The Fats You Should Eat to Help You Eat Less

Weight Loss Diet Quality Video

Weight Loss Diet Quality

The Fats You Should Eat to Help You Eat Less

The Fats You Should Eat to Help You Eat Less

Nutritionist JJ Smith explains our fear behind fats that resulted in unhealthy, low-fat replacements and alternatives. Dr. Oz discusses the way full-fat foods can help you eat less.

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  2. dr. Oz said we were told that fats were bad for us when reality he probably was the one saying that to begin with back in the day!

  3. I really couldn`t wait to use the fat loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I was seriously energized. My buddy lost 10 pounds right after this specific fat loss program, I absolutely recommend you research Google to uncover how. .

  4. Doctor Oz, what has happened to you? Your show is so gimmicky and you have that audience performing like trained seals.
    The woman in yellow says she loves coconut butter so much that "she keeps it in every room in her house." Really? That is just ridiculous. If you can't walk the short distance to the kitchen when you want something to eat, you're in trouble.

  5. I guess Dr. Oz figures he can still make money if he's promoting hidden sugars like bread, banana, yogurt etc. can't make any money off of the keto lifestyle. Doesn't matter to me if I add healthy fats to toast or any other carbs (it's a deadly combination) and I will binge like crazy! it's the carbs which is just sugar that i have to ditch in order to stop my food addiction! Only KETO for me!

  6. Goodness this is all wrong, you cannot have carbs and fats at the same time, as they make you gain wieght, go for the fat and shun the carbs lady.

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