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Weight Loss Diet Near Me : How To Lose Weight During Night Shifts? (with DIET PLAN)

Weight Loss Diet Near Me Video

Weight Loss Diet Near Me

How To Lose Weight During Night Shifts? (with DIET PLAN)

How To Lose Weight During Night Shifts? (with DIET PLAN)

So, I had a manager, who had the most useless night shift tracker. Because inspite of that tracker, he would just randomly assigns night shifts. Especially to me. And because of that I had indigestion, constipation, lack of sleep, I even put on a lot of weight.

These timings not only screw up our health, our personal life and but also our sleeping patterns. We become Zombies.

And unfortunately, in India specially, most of us suffer from this situation because today’s video is one of the most requested videos of our channel. So I thought its high time we talk about it.

Today I am going to tell you, how to get healthy and lose weight while you are working in the night shift and also, PFB the Diet Plan as mentioned in the video:

Meal 1: 6:30 AM

– Omelette with Toast
– Idly + Chutney
– Peanut Butter with Brown Bread

Sleep: 7:30 AM

Meal 2: 3 PM

– Paratha
– Poha/Upma
– Idly/Dosa with Chutney

Meal 3: 6 PM

– Salad + Sabzi / Dal/ Paneer / Chicken + Roti/Rice + Curd

Meal 4: 9 PM (Snacks)

– Veg Sandwich
– Roasted Chana Salad
– Eggs
– Fruits (Local Seasonal)
– Dry Fruits
– Puffed Rice (Bhel)
– Green Tea/Coconut Water/Sugar Cane Juice/Butter Milk


– Samosa /Kachori/anything Fried
– Anything out of a vending machine – Packaged Foods
– Aerated Drinks

Meal 5: 1 AM

– Khichdi + Raitha + Cucumber
– Paneer / Sabzi + Roti

Meal 6: 2 AM

– Tea/Coffee

General Guidelines:

– Keep hydrating yourself throughout the day.
– I’ve not mentioned the quantities, because what’s too less for me might be too much for you. So eat slowly and pay attention to your food so that you stop when you are not hungry anymore.
– Whenever you plan to workout, have a local season fruit as your pre-workout.

I hope this helps! 🙂


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  1. Hye 'my shift timing is sucks '2.30 am to 11.30 and my office is far away from my place so my cab took me at 12 .00 am and drop me at 1. PM ' I put on weight 15 kg now I m 85 kg and I am suffering from pcod ' plz tell me how to manage my lifestyle

  2. Hi dear
    My shift is from 4.30pm to 1.30
    Can u please help me with my diet chart..as I leave house by 3pm..I reach home by around 2.30 am to 3 ..i sleep and i get up around 9 to 10..and have banana and have my lunch at around 1 o clock..can u please help me with healthy diet plan so that I dont spoil my health

  3. One of the most imp videos..💛 I am following u since last few yrs when u had only 11k subscribers..U r going good gal 🙏💪

  4. Pls avoid Hindi conversation in your Videos. Since I can't understand so I'm may disconnects the flow to watch

  5. I work 2 to 11 shift by the time I came home its 12.30 Thn I cook food and all eat I sleep like around 4 am and wake up around 11. 30 n gett ready n go to work this shifts are making me gaining weight please can you help me that how can I loose my weight in 2 years I have gained 5 kg.. And I cnnt loose this weight please help. Me

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