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Weight Loss Diet Coke : Truth About Coke, Coffee & Caffeine Facts, Corrina Rachel, Weight Gain | Psychetruth Nutrition

Weight Loss Diet Coke Video

Weight Loss Diet Coke

Truth About Coke, Coffee & Caffeine Facts, Corrina Rachel, Weight Gain | Psychetruth Nutrition

Truth About Coke, Coffee & Caffeine Facts, Corrina Rachel, Weight Gain | Psychetruth Nutrition

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Truth About Coke, Coffee & Caffeine Facts Pain, Bad Mood & Weight Gain | Psychetruth Nutrition

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  1. Hi corrina I’m A coffee drinker and I I been drinking it since I was 16 and I might stop drinking it for good and I’m gonna start drinking flavored water

  2. Yes, now most manufacturers have had 0 caffeine and 0 sugar alternatives. The taste? Exactly as the manufactures told the FDA… not as good by a long shot unfortunately.

    See so many overweight people ordering huge fast food meals along with a diet-soda… what's up with that? A psychological picker upper to make one feel better about being overweight? 100% Fruit juice (not corn syrup/fructose) and filtered water is the far superior option in all cases, and now they have flavors (0 sugar 0 caffeine) for water to make it taste better for kids (not Kool-aid – which is higher-sugar). Sugar does a lot of damage to the body in high-doses as this video explains.

    Thanks for the video.

  3. I quit soda and other sugary drinks about 3 years ago. I still drink at most one cup of decaffeinated unsweetened coffee daily.

  4. I stopped drinking tea – or caffeine- after reading a book chapter. The writer said … caffeine helps vitamins and nutrients get out of the body .
    Well I stopped tea alright but got into soda . And it is helping to gain weight . I tried to add club soda to my pop soda , well that felt good for a while .
    Later after getting really addicted to soda pop I discovered acidosis. I would – at night- drink one or two glasses of soda with some meal and then sleep . First thing In the morning I will feel acid in my stomach , I feel something cold and hurting. I wouldn't describe it as burning because there's no heat in that sensation . So here is how I discovered acidosis …
    Later I searched this problem on the internet discovering alkaline water which kind of made me happy .
    I don't know if alkaline water makes its users happy but it did make me . Nonetheless a few days later I felt quite balanced of sugar . And I learned my lesson in how to consume sugar .
    Oh forgot to say , something odd went on when I consumed alkaline water on a regular basis , soda pop tasted awful ! I thought hey things taste good because of your blood .
    The natural chemicals in alkaline water changed the chemistry of my blood and I wouldn't taste sweet things the same .
    I ought to say taste of a food or drink is related to your blood chemistry .

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