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Weight Loss Diet After C Section : Improving C-Section Recovery: The ERAS Program Helps You Heal

Weight Loss Diet After C Section Video

Weight Loss Diet After C Section

Improving C-Section Recovery: The ERAS Program Helps You Heal

Improving C-Section Recovery: The ERAS Program Helps You Heal

What is C-section recovery like? In this video, we walk you through the “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” (ERAS) program used at the Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital at Michigan Medicine to aid women when recovering from cesarean surgery. The ERAS program is designed to help you heal more quickly, manage your pain more effectively and get you up and active post C-section as soon as possible. By focusing on three main areas; pain management, eating and drinking, and getting you moving while you are still healing, Michigan Medicine is here for you every step of the way with information, education and support as you go through your childbirth journey.

How long do you have to wait to drink fluids, eat food, or drive a car? When can you start working out again? Is post C-section pain normal? When can you actually lift your baby? If you’ve just had a C-section, or have one planned, it’s likely that questions like these are among those racing through your head. While common, cesarean sections are serious operations, and there is a lot to consider, particularly when it comes to healing. Michigan Medicine has you covered on everything you need to know to navigate your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum healing.

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