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Weight Loss Calculator Without Restrictions : Macros and The Keto Calculator

Weight Loss Calculator Without Restrictions Video

Weight Loss Calculator Without Restrictions

Macros and The Keto Calculator

Macros and The Keto Calculator

What are macros and why do they matter on a ketogenic diet? We’ll break everything down for you in this video!

Our guide to tracking carbs on keto:

For a deeper dive into macros check out our article:

Get your macros using our keto calculator:


See more keto recipes, knowledge and tips on the website to keep your weight loss going strong.

Everything you need to know about the keto diet:

Getting started? Everything you need is here:

We also make things easy with this 30 day diet plan:


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  1. Wow. This is hands dont the best video on how to count macros! Thank you so much for breaking it down and making it easy to understand!

  2. This was the only thing that gave me straight answers on wtf everything is. I’ve been going through videos and websites and they would just say something else that I would have to look up and idk it was a whole process so thank you.

  3. Im losin to much weight..people ar tellin me i look ill now…what foods can i eat lots of to put weight on???

  4. She didn’t answer the one question I came to learn…..how do you know what percentage of your body is fat.

  5. Why someone should eat more protein than fat on keto ? + I know that the proteins must be 0.8 grams for lean body mass . I really don't get the fact of eating more protein than fat

  6. Hey so your calculator has me at 2400 cals 120 Grams of protein. Is the calories accurate I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve been on keto for several months now. Burn down a lot of fat and put on hella muscle

  7. girl i just went through 6 weeks of 4-5 miles cardio a day plus intense calorie restriction and my bitch ass only lost 4 pounds what the fuck. ima try dis

  8. Awesome video! Very informative and to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed the way she explained everything! 👍🏼

  9. wait I dont understand if you're supposed to eat a certain amount of calories everyday but want to lose weight how do you do that when u can only eat a certain amount of calories without eating less or changing the percentages of macros

  10. Everything I read on Keto involves fasting. I have tried fasting and I just can’t do it. So will I not lose weight if I don’t fast? Please if there’s anyone out there that does not fast, please please let me know if you’ve lost weight.

  11. A little confused because using the referenced keto calculator has me eating 167 grams of protein and only 116 grams of fat…wouldn't that still cause an insulin spike? Those macros sound much more like the Atkins diet, no?

  12. Keto will make you loose weight if you're moderately active, usually this method is for older folks who aren't working out /hard/ without carbohydrates you will loose explosive power. You sacrifice muscle mass as well, so if you're here for loosing fat while body building and can't loose fat eat your motherfuckin carbs. Your stomach fat burns last, you'll loose fat in other areas working out before you loose stomach fat. You need those complex carbs for intensity. That's why you're feeling dead in your workouts and not hittin it as hard

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