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Weight Loss Calculator Without Restrictions : HOW MANY CALORIES YOU SHOULD EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT

Weight Loss Calculator Without Restrictions Video

Weight Loss Calculator Without Restrictions



HELLO, FRIENDS. Thank you so much for clicking onto this video! I hope you liked it and found it useful. Calories don’t have to be scary. Please try your best to eat enough. YOU DESERVE TO EAT.

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  1. thank you so much for this, I've been eating so much less than my body has needed for a long time and i didn't even think about basal metabolic rate. I now know that I can eat more without gaining all the weight that I lost back, I don't have to be afraid of food anymore, I just have to make sure i don't get nutrient deficiencies

  2. I'm confused. It says for me maintenance 1876. So 500 cal deficit is 1376. My bmr is 1563. So the deficit would be less than what body needs to function. Csn u help me understand this plz lol

  3. Love your Attitude…. and your completely correct…you gotta eat what you gotta eat to lose….if you put in nothing you have nothing to lose….

  4. Okay so I've watched this video like a hundred times, and I'm still unclear about one little thing. It feels like you've already stated this so I haven't been comfortable asking, but I just need to know!
    When calculating how many calories to eat in the day, that's all good and dandy. But if I walk around my fitbit is connected to My Fitness Pal app which I use to calculate my calorie intake. If I exercise or walk anywhere, it takes my total calorie intake and makes it higher based on my exercise. Do I only eat the total I've calculated? Or do I eat the increased total based on the fact that I've been moving around all day?
    I hope that makes sense. I really want to teach myself to be in a deficit for sure. I eat so many more calories than I should and I always feel hungry after that.
    Love you! ā¤ļø

  5. I'm so glad you posted this. I've been in such a toxic place counting calories and it started making me binge eat every night. I love your channel. Thank you so much!

  6. Ahh it is so hard to eat sooo much food! I have been calorie restricting, over exerting, binging and been a fat little bean for basically my whole life cause my mum does the same thing.

  7. I'm at a standstill šŸ™„ a 500 calorie deficit now puts me at 1000, I still have a more fat all over my belly that can fit in my hands

  8. So I've been living for the last 2.5 Months on 1,200 Calories. I've lost 20 Pounds in about 3 Months. However I Excercise 3-5 times a Week and I never knew until now that I should be Eating 2,194 to maintain. To lose I should be Eating 1,694. Holy shit I've been under eating.. No wonder I felt exhausted and dizzy.

  9. My doctor wants me to count calories and said the same thing I only get 1200 a day but mine is actually 1,681 just my body surviving. 1,800 with a deficit of 500.

  10. Hey, I am trying to stay at ca 1600 calories, but I'm so devastated hungry… And than I feel like shit cause I need to eat to not feel like shit. Would you say it is normal and to expect to be this hungry when you're staying 500 calories below your maintenance? Maybe I calculated to low or maybe I'm just undisciplined, I don't know šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

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