Weight Loss

Weight Loss Calculator With Steps : How To Find Your Fat Loss Macros | Step By Step Guide

Weight Loss Calculator With Steps Video

Weight Loss Calculator With Steps

How To Find Your Fat Loss Macros | Step By Step Guide

How To Find Your Fat Loss Macros | Step By Step Guide

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  1. The IIFYM website has been reworked. Now at the end of all the info you add in you get a email with only macros. Simple enough. I just figured it would reverse this process and see how many calories those macros come out to so i can get my daily calories. So i move on to the second website and im now directed to a keto website instead. If you have updated websites for this whole process that you use currently could you please post them somewhere. Thank you! Love your videos.

  2. Please don't hate me for this comment but your intro music reminds me of a scene from Neapolitan Dynamite where chip sings to his bride in the end lol. Great channel by the way. Thanks for all useful info 😊

  3. Hey man, I love your videos but I have one piece of constructive criticism. In the parts of the video where your talking about the critical information it would be a good idea to take the music out or at least turn it down significantly. It’s extremely distracting from what you’re saying. But still, great video

  4. you protein pr. day seems to high! shouldn't it be bodyweight in kg (not pound) multiplied with 1.2 – 1.5?

  5. Dude, thank you so much! You slayed the explanation for me. I look forward to jumping on this right away. Really appreciate the help!

  6. It’s really simple. These idiotic videos are a waste. It comes down to one thing only.
    Train hard and caloric deficit. No alcohol and ~1 gram/protein for every 1lb of lean mass. That’s it!

  7. I've been tracking my macros for a while now and one thing I've noticed is that I'm on a cut so I have my calories set at 1,500 calories. I shoot for my protein goal everyday but at the end of the day I'm still under my carbs and fats while still being under my 1,500 calories (but not by much). So my question is, do I need to hit EVERY single macro or could I be fine with just meeting my protein goal while staying under my carbs and fats for the day as long as I don't go over my 1,500 calories?

    Note: Even though I'm low on carbs and fats throughout the day I don't feel any hungry.

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