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Weight Loss Calculator Weight Watchers : How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points

Weight Loss Calculator Weight Watchers Video

Weight Loss Calculator Weight Watchers

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points

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Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 100, use points to eat sensibly and stay on track toward a slimmer you.

Step 1: Start with total points
Start by figuring out your total points for each day — begin with 2 points if you’re a woman, 8 points if you’re a man.

Step 2: Factor in age
Factor in your age by adding 4 points if you are between 17 to 26, 3 points for ages 27 to 37, 2 points for 38 to 47, and 1 point if you’re 48 to 58.

Step 3: Add in height and weight
Hop on the scale and add 1 point per 10 pounds of body weight. Add an additional point if you’re between 5-foot-1 and 5-foot-10; 2 points if you’re over 5-foot-10.

Step 4: Add in activity
Add 6 points for a labor-intensive job, add 2 points for a moderate level of activity, and if you’re sedentary don’t add any points. Add everything up to see the total number of points you’re allowed to consume each day.

Recalculate your total points every 2 to 4 weeks to account for any weight loss.

Step 5: Calculate a meal’s points
To calculate the number of points in each food, study the nutritional information. Divide the total calories by 50 and the total grams of fat by 12. Add these numbers together and write down the answer.

Search online for help calculating the total calories and fiber of non-packaged foods like fruits and vegetables or talk to a nutritionist for guidance.

Step 6: Divide fiber
Divide the total amount of dietary fiber by 5 and subtract this number from the number you got in step 5. This represents the total points of the food item.

Use Weight Watchers’ brand meals or recipes to easily calculate the points instead of using this formula each time.

Step 7: Deduct meal points from daily points
Deduct each meal from your total allowance of daily points. Plan each meal ahead of time as you work toward your weight loss goal.

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  1. According to this vid my total daily points should be 21. According to weight watchers my total daily points is 23. Also, WW gives you so many weekly points that can be used on a daily basis, if needed. So far on WW I have lost 12 lbs. In less than 2 months. This calculation seems to only take into affect if you are under 58 years old.

  2. Thank you!! I did WW a few years ago and lost 45 pounds. I regained because did not keep track and ate way too much.
    This is pretty easy to figure out, cool!

  3. I've got a much simpler method to losing weight. First figure out the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight. Eat 500 fewer calories than this amount. Done. If you have to, use a calorie counter on the app store to help keep track. No math needed.

  4. I'm on the program now and this calculation for estimate your total pts is only off by 2 pts. Pretty good.

  5. Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on many videos and I thought they were scams. However after my cooworker follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight with it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. You should not take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

  6. Weight watchers is crazy to think people are going to stick to a diet that sounds so complicated to follow!!! It feels like you are doing algebra excercises instead of trying to figure out how to lose weight…. which is in reality the ultimate goal.

  7. Crazy way to lose wt.
    Points counting takes up too much of your daily time and people give up after so long.
    Wt. Watchers needs to come up with a better way when they do I think it will be so much better then counting points all day.
    I lost some wt by counting points but after 6months still counting did not lose one oz for nine weeks, time for me to find another way. I do not think this works for everyone. So tried of counting points, did not work for me.
    This video way to fast…..slow down.

  8. OR….check out the video on my channel to find a super-fast ONLINE point calculator.  MUCH easier!!
    The title of the video is: Get the Weight Watchers Program for FREE! – Biggest Loser Challenge / Website Wednesday

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