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Weight Loss Calculator Vlcd : Not Losing Weight Eating 600 Calories? (or any low calorie diet) | Q&A

Weight Loss Calculator Vlcd Video

Weight Loss Calculator Vlcd

Not Losing Weight Eating 600 Calories? (or any low calorie diet) | Q&A

Not Losing Weight Eating 600 Calories? (or any low calorie diet) | Q&A

I’m a neuroscience PhD student discussing what to do if you aren’t losing weight on a low calorie diet, along with a mini overview of why that might be the case!
TDEE calculators: https://tdeecalculator.net/


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  1. Not only will you lose weight at 600 calories, eventually you will starve and die. Sorry I can't stand this notion. People in the third world are my evidence.

  2. I count all of my calories.. my issue is I fast until i’m off work which is about 4:30. Then I work out and eat.. by that time it’s like 6-7 pm and then that meal is about 400-800 calories. So im like ugj i need to eat more

  3. I am 58 and embarked on a 900 calorie diet after trying keto for several weeks unsuccessfully. I was eating nuts, coconut oil , meat and green veggies until I felt satisfied…apparently too many. Although I was in ketosis, I was eating way too many calories annnnnd all that fat and meat was not good for me! My blood pressure and cholesterol went sky high! I started a 900 calorie diet last week and have already lost 3 lbs. What do I eat? Lean chicken and turkey, non starchy vegetables, fruit, eggs and 1/2 cup of oatmeal daily. I count every calorie and I exercise by walking and dancing. At my age, losing a few pounds is no easy feat! But, I had to start counting calories. At least that's what worked for me.

  4. Not possible to not lose weight on 600 calories a day unless you're 6 days old. You can hold your weight for a few days on that low of calories, and maintain your body weight due to water retention – but over a 2 week period you WILL lose weight on 600 cals a day. If you aren't, then you aren't tracking properly.

  5. Excellent information. Trustworthy and intelligent coming from a Neuroscience PhD student.
    I love the link to the calculator and just raised my calories actually as a result of what I learned there to avoid the possible (neat) interference. I am only a few days in on my diet, and was just looking on youtube about calories because I am no stranger to the whole trying to lose weight thing. I can always lose but I just always gain it all back. This time I am going to simply count calories…no more gimmick/fad diets. Gonna eat 'real' food…'healthy, well balanced' food and simply count calories. I know that a person can eliminate 500 calories per day from their maintenance calories needed for their current weight and lose one pound a week ( Since one pound equals 3500 calories)…or a person can split that 500 between 250 calories of food and 250 calories or exercise, but I can't help but wonder something…If a person wished to weigh, say 125 lbs., and the tdee calculator says that the calories needed to maintain 125 pounds is 1, 546; why couldn't that person just start eating 1,546 calories a day until they weighed 125 pounds? And then of course, stick to 1,546 calories per day to maintain that weight?

  6. I think its more mind over matter its also part of how we are after all back in the day before man could get food ez they would sometimes go weeks without food so are body can take it. you also have budist who can sit in a state for years at a time without eating and several gurus have show under observation thay can go without food for as much as a year . my self I quit eating meet about 2 years ago with and when on a less then 1400 cal a day diet and lost around 40 lbs the last 2 weeks or so I have ben eating less then 500 calories once a day no meet and les then 10 carbs with little fat and lost around 3 lbs dr sys I am fine. the part is that I do not get is most drs say what I do and am doing is not possible or safe well I have passed my test and I am still overweight I am 220 lbs. this tells me everything drs say is bull about eating.the things the diet has helped me with and my dr hates is I quit taking the 30 sum pills a day I was.

  7. I did a 500 calorie diet and managed to lose 50 pounds in about 4-5 months but after that I stuck with the diet cause I’m just used to it but my weight stopped going down and I’m trying to lose another 10 but even with my diet my weight stays the same what happened to me?

  8. i'm struggling with weight loss as well, ive been eating 1000- 800 about 2 years and i cant go under 132 pounds, even if i eat one cake i feel bloated ,i got hypothyroidism. iam really depresed.

  9. extremely low kcal diet puts metabolic system in starving mode…. everything below 1700 kcal per day does that. and is going to counterwork your weight loosing plan

    strict diet also in most cases leads to eating disorders like binge etc. so basically all bad. stay away from strict diets people. also everything must be eated, carbs, fats, meat etc..

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