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Weight Loss Calculator Us Government : Tax Revenue and Deadweight Loss

Weight Loss Calculator Us Government Video

Weight Loss Calculator Us Government

Tax Revenue and Deadweight Loss

Tax Revenue and Deadweight Loss

Why do taxes exist? What are the effects of taxes? We discuss how taxes affect consumer surplus and producer surplus and discuss the concept of deadweight loss at length. We’ll also look at a real-world example of deadweight loss: taxing luxury yachts in the 1990s.

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  2. Question: "Suppose that Maria is willing to pay $40 for a haircut, and her stylist Juan is willing to accept as little as $25 for a haircut. If the state where Maria and Juan live instituted a tax on services that included a $5 per haircut tax on stylists and barbers, what will happen to the $15 of economic benefit?"

    Why does it stay the same? Why the benefit does not decrease to $10?

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