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Weight Loss Calculator Soda : How To Easily Quit Soda + Benefits

Weight Loss Calculator Soda Video

Weight Loss Calculator Soda

How To Easily Quit Soda + Benefits

How To Easily Quit Soda + Benefits

If you can’t stop reaching for soda every time instead of water, then you probably have some health issues brewing to the surface. http://bit.ly/1a2DyaI – Sugary drinks are directly related to weight gain, because you are getting calories without feeling full. There are many reasons, why you should live a soda free life. Main reason is to reduce sugar and other harmful effects it has on your health. Dark sodas contain phosphoric acid; it decays your bones and softens tooth enamel. Beside health reasons, saving money is another powerful reason to overcome such excessive drinking of soda, which is absolutely not required.
Though it is categorized as a food item, it has no nutritional value and is an unnecessary expense. Water is the best and cheap alternative but if you still feel the need to satisfy yourself with a soft drink than there are many alternatives. Stock up on milk, juices, iced tea etc. You can also make your own soda, mix half juice with half seltzer. This would taste just like soda but with low sugar and it has nutritional value too. Also calculate how much money you have saved. Saving on money is always a big incentive to quit unhealthy habits.

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  1. In today's lightning fast world of everything at your fingertips, it's not very difficult to find help, right now. Why not start with the basics and go with something like Barkload's Quit Forever, taking it step by step? (not AA steps though!)

  2. Im currently on day two of no soda. Would any of you guys like to see videos of me going through the process?

  3. Hi, 
    I had an ear operation and my taste bud nerve was affected I tried drinking coco cola and urn bru (Scottish fizzy beverage – I'm Scottish and 16) and found that it tasted horrible and had a discus tingly thin texture and made my mouth taste horrible (if that makes sense)

  4. I am so addicted to soda, it's not even funny, thank you for this video. I have been drinking a large cup of soda from Mcdonalds at most once a day, and I realize how it is affecting me, physically and Mentally. Water is always the way to go. Thank you

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