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Weight Loss Calculator Muscle For Life : What is my diet like?

Weight Loss Calculator Muscle For Life Video

Weight Loss Calculator Muscle For Life

What is my diet like?

What is my diet like?

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In this short video I explain how I’m currently eating and why, including my caloric intake, macros, food choices, meal frequency, and more.

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  1. Hey mike I’m 16 and I’ve been following your book for 6 months now should I buy your custom meal plan on mfl

  2. Hey Mike, I’m currently reading your book bigger leaner stronger and feel so motivated, I find out so many mistakes I was doing that got me now where in terms of gain muscle I was getting stronger but not muscular. I will start next week and record my progress on video every week. Thanks for creating this amazing book

  3. Its interesting because I was thinking you weren't very big but I understand that it's not the bulk loon you want but more the athletic which explains your look

  4. I like a lot of what Mike has to see but I have to totally protest his position on simple sugar intake. Man made sugars are deadly and totally destroy your testosterone and overall brain function.

  5. I hear a lot of trainers and nutritionists recommend oatmeal. I really wish I liked oatmeal but I do not. Is there an alternative with the same health benefits?

  6. Hi Mike I enjoy your content so much. Thank you for being a reliable source of information. I just purchased your thinner leaner stronger. Can't wait to try it!

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