Weight Loss

Weight Loss Calculator Goals : How To Figure Out Your Calorie and Macro Goals for FAT LOSS

Weight Loss Calculator Goals Video

Weight Loss Calculator Goals

How To Figure Out Your Calorie and Macro Goals for FAT LOSS

How To Figure Out Your Calorie and Macro Goals for FAT LOSS

How To Figure Out Your Calorie and Macro Goals for FAT LOSS

✔BMR Calculator I use: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/

If you’re serious about your fat loss results then you should have a good idea of how many calories and what macros to eat per day, in other words, your nutrient requirements.
This video will explain to you how to figure those out.
Leave me a comment. Let me know what your numbers come out to

✔ How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose 5 Pounds in 30 Days?https://youtu.be/yHmEI80TUfU
✔ How to Calculate Calories and Macros Per Meal

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  1. Please please help.. I am so confused.. no idea what ratio to eat.. and now im doubting my calorie intake
    Height…164 cm
    I have just started weight training with free weights at home 4times a week
    Thank you😘

  2. Since the end of last year I have been eating roughly 1200 cals, I am following the KETO diet. (I track my food in MyFitnessPal) After watching some of your videos I calculated my BMR + Activity Factor and I should be eating 1998 cals for Maintenance!
    My goal is to lose weight but how long should I take to increase my Calories up to maintenance and then drop them again to start losing weight??
    I exercise 4-5 times per week with weights and cardio. Thanks for the guidance! This is definitely a journey!

  3. I'm morbidly obese weighing in at 495 pounds. My tdee is 3615 calories a day for maintenance. When I subtract 20% from my maintenance I get. 2892 calories a day. Should I go lower since I am morbidly obese and almost 500 pounds?

  4. How to get Jacked on the Vagueterian Diet. Back when we were cavemen/or women as the weather would change from the warmer months to colder, there would be an up take in animal matter and fat signaling to the body to utilize what carbs we ingested in to fat storage, for the on coming winter or drought.
    The goal is to just lower animal sources of saturated fats down,to just holidays and a cheat meal every other 2 weeks.
    I also Vegan carb load after working out for maximum absorption of glycogen in to muscles. Making a huge plant based burrito:) or plant based: salads, pasta, sandwiches, soups and stews❤️
    Saturated fats block insulin from passing glycogen in to muscles, to help in fat storage. Fats from plants(extravirginoliveoil, +canola for cooking, and fish/omega 3 fatty acids are aok;)
    Keep it Real🤔 #Vagueterian too Vain to be Vegan:?*

  5. Thank you Jessica. Figuring out how many calories and the macros is probably the hardest part. I'm 5'6" weighing 190lbs, working out 5 days a week. At my heaviest I was 250lbs. I was eating 1600 calories per day for a long time. I hit a plateau for over a month now. I started increasing my calories (all from healthy whole foods) to 1800 now. Do you think that's a good number or should I increase it a bit more. I do workout intensely (weights and HIIT). Thank you in advance ☺️

  6. My adjusted BMR is around 1600.  Time to hit the weights so I can eat more!!!!  That's good because 1600 is about as low as I can go without turning into a shrew.  😉

  7. So yea.  My BMR is 3400 and I workout 3-5 times a week. Trying to lose at least 20lbs at a Height of 6'3 260lbs.  Funny how my BMI is 32 which is said to be seriously dangerous….Idk.

  8. I think mine came out to 1950 cals a day? I work out 5 days a week so I did the 1.5 and subtracted 20% from that number and that's how I came to that result. Is that correct?

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