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Weight Loss Calculator For Diabetics : Diabetic Diet – Weight Loss Equation

Weight Loss Calculator For Diabetics Video

Weight Loss Calculator For Diabetics

Diabetic Diet – Weight Loss Equation

Diabetic Diet – Weight Loss Equation

A diabetic diet and weight control goes in LOCKSTEP with glucose control.
A common mistake many type two diabetics make is not realizing how the energy balance equates to weight gain, weight loss and glucose control. Life or death based practical advise for resilient type 2 diabetics.

Basal Energy Calculation: https://www.mdcalc.com/basal-energy-expenditure

Manual Basal Energy Calculation: Body-weight in lbs x 12
(13-14 if ACTIVE)
(10-11 if SEDENTARY)

The Resilient Diabetic: Episode One. My introduction

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My Story
For those new diabetics here, I was diagnosed a little over five years ago, and am known as an insulin dependent diabetic, LADA which stands for, latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. I am a proud owner of a broken pancreas. I double checked my warranty, and it said ONLY good for one million grams of glucose.

So not only am I a diabetic like all of you, but I also have a University B.Sc, degree in Nutrition/Dietetics. So I was able to use my vast knowledge in nutrition to help guide me through these new rough and tumultuous waters.

No one said being a diabetic was going to be easy, because it is not. Though my practical knowledge, experience, and education, I hope to help motivate and guide you on the same path to becoming a well controlled and healthy diabetic.

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