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Weight Loss Calculator Fitbit : How accurate are FitBit calories burned? Let's take a look

Weight Loss Calculator Fitbit Video

Weight Loss Calculator Fitbit

How accurate are FitBit calories burned? Let's take a look

How accurate are FitBit calories burned? Let's take a look

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Today I wanted to take a look at how accurate FitBit’s calorie burned information is. I compared the info to a couple bike rides recorded while using a power meter. What has your experience been? Do you think FitBit’s calories burned can be trusted?

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  1. I think I won’t focus on it much since long after youre done working out your body will still keep a higher fat burner bpm. So it evens out.

  2. So in conclusion. You can trust it to the thousandth place. Any lower and the error rate/difference rate goes up. Thank you.

  3. I have the Fitbit Ionic. One thing i have noticed is that if you select the Weight lifting activity. The heart rate will jump during an intense set. It stays up there and does not come back down. I know when my heart rate is 138 and what that feels like. This is why you get such a high rate of calories burned during your work out. If i pause the Fit bit the heart rate will come back down where it should be . Then hit play again and it will continue. I also agree with the others comment. You where it way to loose dude. The watch needs to be in firm contact with the skin. Especially during strenuous activity. You should redo your test and where the watch tight.

  4. But the power meter doesn’t measure any other movement from your body. When you are biking you aren’t just moving your legs, you are moving other parts especially for stabilization. Maybe that’s what causes the discrepancy on the long ride.

  5. I just read a bunch of articles talking about official studies that have been done on fitness wearables. They’ve all been proven inaccurate by as much as 30% off.

  6. the the formula is ~ calories burned = work(in kJ) * 0,239 / 0,215 (efficiency of human energy conversion)
    efficiency of humans is complicated but in this case it seems to be 0,215

    so the calories burned come on top if you base metabolic rate, something that I'm not so sure about when is comes to the fitbit.

  7. It’s been proven that the Fitbit devices worn on the wrist are not accurate as they output a hand movement for a step. The best ones are the fitbits that go in the waistband of your pants. I use the Fitbit One and don’t plan on ever upgrading unless I lose it. Most accurate.

  8. Great video but did anyone mention how your technically supposed to wear the Fitbit different when doing an exercise vs. everyday wear. Also an average out of three rides of similar types would have been nice. 🙂

  9. I would wake up. In the morning between 7-9 AM I would burn 700-900 in my sleep. I’m getting 6 1/2 hours of sleep. If I do 8 I do feel like crap. I’m 205LB 5’11. I’ve been counting my calories and keeping up on my workouts. You would be amazed on what jump rope can do to your body. Cause I am. I’ve lost 26LB.I would do 20 min jump rope with my weight vest. Then I would do my V shred. Almost burning 3000. I woke up at nine AM I was at 756 Calories. 10:20 AM 1012 burned now 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. I haven’t done my work out yet.

  10. what about Temperature, if it's a hot day you will burn more than a cold day i am sure, i just got the fitbit Alta which has a in real time heart rate monitor so i will give it a go and post in the future. 98$ AUD

  11. Personally I find my charge 3 to be very reliable when it comes to calorie counting, and here's why.

    I'm 6'2, 225 lbs, 38 yo male BMR 2050 cal.

    On a day of doing absolutely nothing (was ill) I tallied up 1300 steps and my charge 3 calculated 2399 cal burned that day. A very reasonable result if you ask me since BMR is based on sleeping all day, awake and sitting upright you burn slightly more cal.

    On a typical day including my workout, I will tally about 15000 steps which includes a 30-40 min run which burns approx 600 cal. My charge 3 will usually calculate 3200-3400 cal burned for those days.

    I have been eating roughly 1000 cals per day under what my charge 3 calculates and have steadily lost at an average of 1.5 lbs per week.

    My weekly caloric deficit being 7000 cal, should equate to 2 lbs weight loss as 1 lbs = 3500 cal.

    So I'm losing half a pound less than I should which = 1750 cal ÷ 7 days = 250 cal per day more than i'm actually burning. My average cal burn is around 3300 per day according to charge 3, 3300 ÷ 250 = 13.2%.

    So there we have it. My charge 3 is over calculating by 13.2%. This will obviously vary from person to person and it's also assuming that I'm counting cal intake with 100% efficiency.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

  12. The bike is only measuring energy output to the bike. Other calories are used to perform normal body processes like breathing, pumping blood, and digesting food.

    Let’s say his basal metabolic rate is 1800 calories a day. That’s 1800 calories burned throughout the day regardless of added activity. If he bikes for 8.5 hours, that’s 8.5/24 * 1800 = 637 calories burned. Add that to the calories used toward the bike. 637 + 4431 = 5068 calories burned during his bike ride.

  13. This is about Calories burnt, like calories spend or energy spend

    How to find calories intake, like when having food

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