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Weight Loss Calculator Alcohol : Lowest Calorie Alcohol | Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks | LEAST FATTENING Alcohol

Weight Loss Calculator Alcohol Video

Weight Loss Calculator Alcohol

Lowest Calorie Alcohol | Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks | LEAST FATTENING Alcohol

Lowest Calorie Alcohol | Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks | LEAST FATTENING Alcohol

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Lowest Calorie Alcohol
Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks
Calories in alcoholic drinks
Low calorie alcohol
Is alcohol fattening

Would you like to know which type of alcohol is the lowest calorie alcohol? In today’s video I reveal some low calorie alcoholic drinks that will have your head spinning. Not from drinking of course, but instead from understanding so much more about alcohol and the calories in alcoholic drinks. If you’re looking for a low calorie alcohol this video will answer all your questions and then some.

Everyone knows that we have carbs, protein, and fats as macro nutrients. However, most people don’t know that Alcohol itself has calories in it. It can be looked at as a macronutrient with no nutritional value. Protein and carbohydrates each have 4 calories in 1 gram. Fat has 9 calories in 1 gram. Alcohol has a whopping 7 calories per gram. This can quickly add up as you go from tipsy, to buzzed, to drunk.

On top of the fact that its hard to find the least fattening alcohol, most alcoholic beverages are loaded up with sugar as well. Whether your mixing it with coca cola or chasing it with lemonade these are all extra calories. We want to try to avoid excess sugar calories. Therefore we should go for unflavored bottles of alcohol over flavored. If you have to have a chaser with it go for the diet sodas or the crystal light. Even though these aren’t the healthiest options they are best calorie wise.

High alcohol liquors like Everclear, vodka, and gin are the best liquors to have to lose weight. Then comes tequila, rum, whiskey, wine and beer. Wine and beer are the worst ones by far. You need a lot more wine and beer to feel the effects of the alcohol. Also they are loaded with sugar and starches. Try to avoid these when possible.

Don’t forget that drinking will stunt your muscle growth as well, which will lead to a slow down of your metabolism. Organs that were once responsible for breaking down fat are now going to be primarily responsible for breaking down and eliminating the alcohol.

Last but not least the answer to is alcohol fattening is a definite yes when you have the munchies. When you drink you will occasionally turn in to a pig and eat everything in sight. Forget about controlling yourself because you’re going to eat until you pass out. Alcohol will put your appetite through the roof.


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  1. Last week, I ate clean(no meat or bread). Went from 268 to 253 in a few days, but on the weekend, I got shitfaced super hard 3 times, ate bad shit and fell asleep each time. I put on 7 lbs in 2 days(260lbs). Im trying to avoid that by planning carefully how im going to get F*** up this weekend. Thanks for this video.

  2. Why do videos like this drone on and ON AND ON??? It's a simple question. What hard liquor has the least calories? There's probably ONE answer! Just say it! Vodka has the least calories. That's it! THENNN you can drone on and on and on for those who want MORE information! Having said that, this video was pretty damn good! It got to the point quickly! Obviously the more sugary crap you mix with alcohol, the more calories your DRINK will contain. I just wanted to know which HARD, PURE, 80 PROOF OR HIGHER ALCOHOL, ALL BY ITSELF HAS THE LEAST CALORIES. I knew it was either Vodka or Gin. I actually thought it was Gin, but this guy says it's Vodka. Ok so now I know! So because I love a little buzz SO MUCH, I can stick to my SUPER LOW calorie diet and have a shot or two, or three, of straight Vodka once in a while! (but I have to bite on a slice of lime to get that awful, rubbing alcohol taste out of my mouth!) Thanks Gravity Transformation- Fat Loss Experts!!!

  3. Diet soda kills brain cells. Regular soda contain high fructose with GMO.. crystal light. Lol. Just drink juice. Please educate yourself about Monsanto!

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