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Weight Loss Calculator Advanced : HOW MANY CALORIES DO YOU REALLY NEED? | Weight Loss, Maintenance Calories, and Metabolism

Weight Loss Calculator Advanced Video

Weight Loss Calculator Advanced

HOW MANY CALORIES DO YOU REALLY NEED? | Weight Loss, Maintenance Calories, and Metabolism

HOW MANY CALORIES DO YOU REALLY NEED? | Weight Loss, Maintenance Calories, and Metabolism

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What’s up what’s up! Today we’re talking maintenance calories and addressing some of your most frequently asked questions around this topic. I hope you find this helpful and def let me know what you think about the video on metabolic damage!


1:21 the energy balance equation
3:57 maintenance calories
5:18 thermic effect of food – an example
7:25 thermic effect of activity – cardio vs weights
11:08 Q&A starts
11:34 what are my maintenance calories
12:56 why are you still at a calorie deficit
13:30 how should you calculate maintenance calories
16:40 should you track back calories burned from exercise
18:06 what are your thoughts on metabolic damage / is it real
20:48 what do you think of intuitive eating vs tracking your calories

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  1. HI Y'ALL! I'm so sorry for the late upload…tech has not been on my side with this one 😅ANYHOO I hope you like it, I hope you're having a fab start to your long weekend, and lemme know what you think about the vid on metabolic damage!

  2. I think the way metabolic damage actually changes your BMR is by loosing those core muscle that you can't build back up that easily in the gym. In that way, the damage isn't too visible when you look at your body but it's difficult to fix. What confirmed this for me is seeing my body fat % increase during diets while I was losing weight !

  3. You need to count even the calories in food that is less calories than it takes to digest cause you are trying to get maintenance calories and that means you dont want to burn any more calories than you put in

  4. Abby I love your videos can you do videos on different diets like keto and low gi there are so many I dont know which is best for me thank you xxx

  5. I come from restrictive eating and I'm really short. Now I eat more than 2000 calories a day with only a little excersise and I'm not sure if I really need this amount of calories or if my hunger and fullness signs are damaged:(

  6. Quick question…Im trying to do body recomp. My maintenance calories are 2,100 and on training days in order to gain muscle I should be eating around 2,400 calories. Now my question is do I end the day with 2,400 calories disregarding calories burned during workout or do I subtract burned calories from what I would have in my body for the time being and end the day with 2,400? Ex) eat 500 cal breakfast, weight train, burn 300. would i be at 200 and then still get up to 2,400? or would I just ignore the calories burned?

  7. Sometimes I wonder if my body actually burns any calories 😂 I eat according my BMR (1600kcal) and workout 30-45mins a day on an empty stomach (aerobic and anaerobic) and take walks daily and I still keep the same weight 😂 fml

  8. I've been trying to calculate the right amount of calories I should be having a day to maintain my weight but every single calculator I use online or apps give me different numbers. Anyone know a good way to figure out how to get a more accurate number?

  9. i tried lifesum and it was not calculating my calories right. I scanned my protein powder (2 scoops is 170) and it was telling me 2 scoops was 240. Everything i scanned seemed to be incorrect. Myfitnesspal is a lot more accurate in my opinion. Works better for me 🙂

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