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Weight Loss Calculator Accurate : Is The Chipotle Nutrition Calculator Accurate?

Weight Loss Calculator Accurate Video

Weight Loss Calculator Accurate

Is The Chipotle Nutrition Calculator Accurate?

Is The Chipotle Nutrition Calculator Accurate?

Full Post: http://www.ontheregimen.com/2015/10/14/is-the-chipotle-macro-calculator-accurate/

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  1. Every fiber in my body wanted to give you a thumbs down for walking around in your spaghetti string tank like a dork, but I found the video very informative. Much appreciated!

  2. How does the pricing work if we get half chicken have steak? Chicken bowl is 6.85, steak bowl is 7.85, vegetarian bowl which substitutes the protein source for guacamole is 6.85. If they charge more for half steak half chicken, I wonder how they will charge for half chicken half vegetarian (guacamole) ??

  3. I think they need to ditch the spoons they use to scoop and actually start using measuring cups with extended handles. But that's just my opinion. Doing this you can always get an accurate amount.

  4. So you do this once and expect it to actually be representative? You would need to sample different locations, different employees, etc to really get an idea of how close they are.

  5. that's not what the reviews say about Chipotle the most disgusting restaurant they got so many people sick

  6. I wish you would've also mentioned what the portions come out to when you do double rice, double beans etc. Great video anyways!

  7. You never mentioned the protein outcome for bowl #1. But I checked the blog post and it comes out to 4.15oz for those that are interested.

  8. Second bowl looks kind of sad from the get go though. Always ask for extra beans and rice. Defintely going to start doing half meat

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