Weight Loss

Weight Loss Boot Camp : Why is Fitness Important? by Austin Adventure Boot Camp

Weight Loss Boot Camp Video

Weight Loss Boot Camp

Why is Fitness Important? by Austin Adventure Boot Camp

Why is Fitness Important? by Austin Adventure Boot Camp

Why is Fitness Important? by Austin Adventure Boot Camp

Audrey tells you about the importance of exercise and fitness for over all health and wellness. It’s not just for weight loss, it actually decreases stress, help prevent illness & disease and improves quality of life.


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  1. I have social anxiety disorder so I've always been kinda depressed, and now I've begun exercising and it feels so good and empowering..i feel on top of the world, really!!

  2. Nice video! A healthy body and a healthy mind is important…for many reasons and it certainly helps me. It's such a healthy feeling, and also helps to make a relationship go to a higher level. Confidence…secure. Love it! 🙂

  3. Plus we live in a "Why should I walk to the market one block away when I can hop into my car?" socieity.

  4. Look it up yourself. Everyone in my family who are fatasses do NOT eat breakfast…the most they have is a cup of coffee and a cigarette and don't eat anything till like 6 hours later. And not everyone has cereal at breakfast, either. If I did not eat breakfast, I'd be fat as Jim Belushi, I bet.

  5. Although I'm a male also, I must say this video is right. I love to exercise and it does make you sleep better. Im out of shape . But I can attest that Exercise does give me more energy now than I ever had, made me sleep much better, and does make my thinking betteras well.

  6. Thanks, Andrea. I'm doing it now. I took the ToneItUp challenge for the next thirty days. I don't know if I"ll win the box of goodies, lol. But it's been fun. Thank goodness for Katrina, Karena, and Gabby Reece. Now if my left knee wouldn't act up I could do more. I need a better shock absorber I guess.

  7. I'm a male but I like that you explain the benefits of exercise and fitness…I cant live without it every day…..I like to concoct my own creative types of workouts and I like challenging hearty workouts. Two thing that bug me 1: when people assume you are vain because you like to be slender and fit 2:People who act like you are doing something weird and abnormal when exercising, or stare when you are exercising and expect you to be smiling, or not breathing heavily..

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