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Weight Loss Boot Camp : Exercise for Weight Loss | My Boot Camp Experience

Weight Loss Boot Camp Video

Weight Loss Boot Camp

Exercise for Weight Loss | My Boot Camp Experience

Exercise for Weight Loss | My Boot Camp Experience

Newest Video: “Restarting a Weight Loss Journey 1”
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I started a boot camp to assist me on my goal to lose weight. I just finished my first week and have some clips to share…as well as my thoughts.

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  1. I just started boot camp and it’s so hard and sad because I didn’t take care of my body and I’m having a hard time I want to give up but I’m doing this for my wedding next year and I really want to feel and look amazing.

  2. These kind of results we’re never foreseen by me. I actually lost 7 lbs in mere two days! Just about all it took was a google search for this diet “sowo hope site” for me to learn all of this. You will need to give it a go. Google and study on the topic.

  3. I don't mean to ask if you've answered in another video, but why exactly are you going on tour for? I've been watching a bunch of your videos and you mention it a lot but never what kind of tour or for what reason. Thanks in advance and I love your videos! -cait

  4. I know people don't like unsolicited advice, but I just wanted to give you a tip that works for me. Before a workout I always have a smoothie made with water (like 30oz) and some berries and baby spinach and it gives me SO much energy. I used to have peanut butter and half an english muffin and I always felt okay, but not great while working out. Give it a try!

  5. I have never attended a Boot Camp, but I have seen them at our local beach parks and they can get pretty brutal. Good on you for changing the way you speak to your self. Keep up your hard work Marissa. One day those routines will come easier and then it will be time to step it up once more. Be blessed.

  6. I finally dropped below 180. I have come down about 5-6lbs in the 2-3 wks I've taken this Weight Loss Green Store Tea. I have been restricting my food, but I was doing so with much slower results before trying this fat burner.

  7. You got this girl 😀 I'm on my journey too (come check me out) and have been struggling the last few days. I'm about to get a fitness program written up for me so I hope that helps. For me it's my food intake and the addiction to crappy foods 😞 I really liked this video it gave me hope. I look forward to your next one. 😀

  8. Keep up the good wrk! I 💜 how u focus on the positive! Changing our mindset is 1 if the biggest hurdles. I've lost 31 pounds thus far on my #rawvegan journey. U r so right about the importance of changing ur self talk to one that is Positive!😀

  9. Well done on doing boot camp! How do you feel about it now? I haven't told friends or family I'm doing this, my hubby knows but I'm to embarrassed to tell anyone. Maybe through time though. Keep up the great work, you're doing fab x

  10. The beginning awakened my inner perv lol! But yeah ma I've been dealing with muscle spasms and cramps for some reason with anything other than walking. So I basically told myself don't worry we'll get it figured out until then let's just walk. I feel good, I'm happier, and I'm having a good time while doing it. And although I can't wait to lift heavy again I know it's all in due time.

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