Weight Loss

Weight Loss Belt : क्या Slimming Belts फायदा करती है?- Nabila Chhapra – May I Help You

Weight Loss Belt Video

Weight Loss Belt

क्या Slimming Belts फायदा करती है?- Nabila Chhapra – May I Help You

क्या Slimming Belts फायदा करती है?- Nabila Chhapra - May I Help You

They can be effective when u wear something on it to shape ur body. But It not something which decreases fat in our body! Only work out helps …..but that’s a slow process. Get in love with the results …you’ll never leave it! So eat healthy work out well, You’ll definitely see the difference!

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  1. डौकटर मुझे बताए बैट कम कराने मै कितना खर्च आएगा कहाँ करा सकतै है मै हीसार के पास एक गाँव में रहती हु मैंने पैट की चर्बी कम करनी है

  2. Doctor Nabila Ji Se Sampark kaise kare Apna weight loss karne ke liye please mujhe jaldi reply de dijiye

  3. She is totally worng.slim belts works if you do some tummy workout and if you follow any docter they will suck your money from the bottom.

  4. Mera figure thik h and me meri age 24 h health bhi thik but Mera pet jyda bhar agya h me apna pet km kese krun please good suggestions do mujhe

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