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Weight Loss After 50: 5 Weight Loss Mistakes Post-Menopausal Women Make

Weight Loss After 50: 5 Weight Loss Mistakes Post-Menopausal Women Make

Weight Loss After 50: 5 Weight Loss Mistakes Post-Menopausal Women Make

Weight loss after 50 is tough. In fact, this is an issue that I personally struggle with.

That said, I’m always torn when it comes to talking about weight loss. On the one hand, I know that many of you groan when you hear the words “weight loss.”

After all, shouldn’t we just accept out bodies after 50? Absolutely! But, just because we accept how we look doesn’t mean that we should let ourselves get unhealthy.

So, today, I want to share a few tips for getting to a healthy weight after 50.

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What are you doing to stay healthy and fit? Do you find it easy or hard to maintain a healthy weight now that you are in your 50s or better? What do you think are the keys to weight loss after 50?

Here is the link to the article I refer to http://sixtyandme.com/5-dieting-mistakes-when-it-comes-to-menopause-weight-gain/

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  1. Hi Margaret , What are you thoughts on natural progesterone creams? I am 56 think I am ending menopause, hot flashes are gone. I still have some sleep issues and weight gain which is driving me nuts.. I am currently trying (again ) low carb and work out 20-40 mins about every day.. The weight is tough.. The water retention as well.. Any thoughts?

  2. Just one quibble. Fat-free processed products are not necessarily lower in calories. They are often pumped up with additives like sugar to make them taste better. Often, they are even higher in calories. But all in all, these "foods" are pretty much junk. Best to avoid all together.

  3. You're beautiful Margaret!!! Thank you so very much for bringing us all together! This has helped me sooo much to gain my strength back! I'm still going thru my divorce so my emotions have been in control a lot of the time so the foods I've been eating this past year have NOT been very good at all!!! This divorce is one of the "horror story" divorce. I am a very emotional person but at This age they are more manageable than anytime before!!! I'm very grateful for that and I think you've been a leading contributor to that!!! I can't Thank you enough!!! I am all alone but since I found this community I do not feel as lonely as before when I wasn't doing very well at all. I'm alone but not lonely. I do miss having a man around tho!!! I need a handyman that's all…. And maybe some companionship too! I know no one here. We just moved here! Anyone here in SoCal?!?! I would love to meet some of the women in here!
    Thank you very much!!!!!

  4. I worked out last year from Feb 2017 to June 2017 and got no results; we went on holidays in July and when I returned I did not commit to it again. After Christmas (all the yummy food), I decided to cut out sugar (including alcohol) and all refined foods. I had done this 4 years ago and successfully lost 25 lbs in a month; however, that did not happen this go around. This time I am in menopause and do not have a gallbladder any longer. I found the missing link (100% natural) supplements and I am so happy. I have lost 8.8 pounds in 18 days and look forward to getting to my goal weight in 12 weeks.

  5. Hello, I have watched your videos a couple of times and really enjoyed them I have subscribed to your channel. I look forward to watching and learning allot from your channel. Just to mention, I am going thru a very difficult time in my life. Not looking for any pity, just letting you know my frame of mind at the moment. Thank you for this program, I do appreciate.

  6. I've seen a difference in my posture by doing upper back and shoulder strengthening and stretching exercises….also walking with my tummy tucked in tighter to help my core and help me stand straight! Also, while I'm waiting for my coffee to brew in the morning, I do push ups from my kitchen counter, I know not really push ups, but it helps my arms, shoulder, and upper back feel stronger!

  7. I have always watched what I eat so its a way of life for me now, but I'm not obsessive about it. I have always exercised as well, I love swimming and Pilates at the moment but I have done Ballroom dancing but my husband has an injury at the moment.
    Great video

  8. I thank you, Margaret for a great topic! I love my Zumba classes and try to attend them 3-4 times a week. Combining weights helps me also….now, to just eat the right foods! I am a foodie so it's a challenge.

  9. I saw a lady get a large beautiful salad with some chicken on top. Next she poured a lot of creamy dressing on it. The vegetables were swimming. She wanted the ribs on special , I think it would have been less calories. Restaurant food is so tricky to order.

  10. Thank you, Margaret. It's a HUGE struggle for me, with depression on top of menopause. I'll check out the article!You're beautiful! 😘

  11. i'm struggling to get to my next goal (5 lb less then current), so hard with celiac and gastroparesis but i am determined to hit that one – hoping by the end of summer. i need to be more active so early rising is important due to the summer heat to get a walk in before it gets too warm. having surgery in september so would really like to be down a bit more.

  12. You're looking particularly lovely in this video. Your skin & hair is beautiful my friend. Thank you 😊 Noushin from Leeds 🌺☀️🌻🌹

  13. Something to consider: In the past decade decade or so, multiple studies have shown significant bone loss occurs when postmenopausal women lose weight. So it might be a good thing to get your bone density checked if you are planning to lose 10-15 pounds or more, especially if you're doing it primarily through diet and not exercising.

  14. i lost 88 pounds the year before last. Now i'm gaining it back slowly no matter what i seem to do. Very disheartening. Excellent video, many things i didnt know

  15. Cauliflower and broccoli 'riced' has changed my life! I also find that it is worth it to spend the extra money on convince like buying chopped onions and peppers. Having fresh vegetables ready to use is so helpful.

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