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Weight Loss 80 Lbs : What I Did to Lose 80 lbs. of Fat !

Weight Loss 80 Lbs Video

Weight Loss 80 Lbs

What I Did to Lose 80 lbs. of Fat !

What I Did to Lose 80 lbs. of Fat !

❤(OPEN ME IN HD 1080p)❤
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Hey guys, hope u enjoyed today’s video ! Let’s work on eating in moderation and hiding ur accountable 😊 You can do it !!!!!!!


❤Whey Protein Used : (good stuff)

❤PRE-WORKOUT (C-4 ripped)
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  1. this is so encouraging I will take control of my eating habits chocolate, brownies and fast food don't control me!

  2. Hello, as for the blue resistance bands… how many lbs and feet is it? and did u just loop it through the gate? Its hard to see

  3. This is the most real post I've seen. It hit home.. I have the same cravings for pizza and cookies..lol but I do feel like they control me sometimes. Its an addiction. I have lost weight and given up a lot. If I slack I slack hard. So I try not to anymore. Thanks for sharing.. Taking my power back at all times.. I am in control..

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