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Weight Loss 60 Years Old : Losing Weight after 60: Get Back in Shape after the Dreaded “Middle Age Spread”

Weight Loss 60 Years Old Video

Weight Loss 60 Years Old

Losing Weight after 60: Get Back in Shape after the Dreaded “Middle Age Spread”

Losing Weight after 60: Get Back in Shape after the Dreaded “Middle Age Spread”

Why is losing weight after 60 so hard? After all, by the time we get to be 60-years-old, most of us have a good idea of how our diet and lifestyle affects us. But, if we are eating better and exercising, why do we have so much trouble getting in shape after 60? This phenomenon is often referred to as the “middle age spread,” which develops around our hips and waist. My guest today has some answers! Visit Sixty and Me to read the full article: http://sixtyandme.com/category/health-and-fitness/

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  1. Excellent info and yes cortisol goes straight to belly fat also lack of sleep. Now c'mon ladies and get doing your push ups who says no one at 60 can do push ups anymore ! hog wash it is that mentality that makes us old.Get down on the floor and start today if you can't do one start on your knees or push up from something higher than the floor like a sturdy bench or ottoman. You can do it !!

  2. I eat salad for lunch, veg and protein for dinner, no pudds, no sweets or chocolate, low carbs, I do my 10,000 steps daily, but STILL gain weight 🙁 Used to be so slim.

  3. I've heard and read that one's metabolism doesn't slow down as we age. I also know that exercise and lifting weights helps one to stay leaner and burn more fat as well. I'm one of those women who is active and tries to eat well but still cannot lose my stomach!!

  4. High quality protein and fresh veggies, fruits are good & part of a good diet. I'm surprised she said no one over 60 is going to be doing push-ups – I still do push-ups, and they're a great workout for many muscle groups. The other thing I think was missing was weight-bearing exercises – to increase bone strength. When you go for your brisk walk, try carrying some 1 – pound weights and swing your arms as you walk – you'll notice the difference! It helps!

  5. Thanks for sharing, but there are other opinions with very good results 🌶🍌🍐🍎
    I personally Go for a vegan diet, high carb, which solves a whole lot of health issues as well

  6. Thank you this information is very helpful, l always had a very slim figure and was so proud of myself, until one day l was so shocked when I realized that I have the middle age spread and almost 10 lbs overweight, now to get back in shape is a hard job, but l am trying, thank you Margaret and you beautiful ladies out there.

  7. Thank you, I found this video very helpful and inspiring. I am nearing 64 and 300 lbs. @ 5'8"…..not good!

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