Weight Loss

Weight Fluctuations On The Scale

Weight Fluctuations On The Scale

Weight Fluctuations On The Scale

Weight Fluctuations can cause us stress. We discuss the most common reasons why the scale can be up and down from day to day. I also introduce my Labrador Madeline as requested by a viewer.

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  1. This was so helpful to me. Especially the part about the carbs. Scale was up 2 lbs today after working out hard but looked at my nutrition from yesterday and was more carb heavy than usual. Thank you!

  2. I go by the scale, I weigh once a month mid-week and at the right time in my cycle. I also take measurements once every month or two. It just helps me have the right perspective. If I see the scale doesn't say what I was hoping for I can see progress with the tape measure. Thank you.

  3. I have watched so many videos on this topic, and honestly this was the best one! Now I understand the fluctuations so much better. Thank you!

  4. This is probably why I haven't been seeing my weight go down after my reverse diet.. I've been in a 500 cal deficit for the last 3 weeks and one day I lose 3.5 lbs. The next i gain 4. The next I lose 3, etc. It's making me a bit scared. Lol. I'm gonna try eating the same things every day, and will not weigh myself when I'm sore. We'll see what happens. 🤔

  5. Wow I needed this. I'm a new subscriber. I'm Not fit, I don't exercise. I'm just trying to lose weight and be healthy. I'm loving your videos. This one gave me peace of mind. Thank you so much.

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