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W W Weight Loss : How I lost 23 Pounds in Two Months on WW Freestyle: Thoughts and Tips

W W Weight Loss Video

W W Weight Loss

How I lost 23 Pounds in Two Months on WW Freestyle: Thoughts and Tips

How I lost 23 Pounds in Two Months on WW Freestyle: Thoughts and Tips

In this video I’m talking about losing weight and getting healthier through WW Freestyle (Weight Watchers). I’ll share why I follow this plan, why it works for me and my tips.

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Sample Lunches:
– A large bowl of roasted cauliflower or broccoli with a lot of siracha and a couple of eggs, either boiled or scrambled.

– Low or zero point spicy black bean soup

– Low or zero point chili (google the budget bytes weeknight chili for a low point chili that can easily be made zero points)

– A salad or zero point soup with two pieces of low point toast spread with two servings of Laughing Cow cheese and topped with two scrambled eggs with salsa.

Sample Dinners:
– Low point chili topped with some cheese and/or 0% plain greek yogurt

– roasted chicken breast with veggies on the side

-low point veggie curries (eg. the chickpea channa masala from the Yum and Yummer cookbook)

Sample snacks:
-veggie sticks served with dip made from 0% plain greek yogurt mixed with “just add yogurt” seasoning to make dip

-chopped up apple mixed with 0% plain greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon


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Melissa Joyce FAQ

Q: Is Melissa Joyce your real name?
A: Melissa is my first name and Joyce is my middle name – so yes!

Q: What qualifications do you have to review makeup and skincare?
A: Nothing formal but I’ve started to learn more about makeup and skincare over the last two years. I consider myself an amateur but an enthusiast and my reviews will help a non make-up artist see how a product might work for them.

Q: What is your real job?
A: I’ve been working in not-for-profit organizations for 15 years.

Q: What kind of skin concerns do you have?
A: My skin is combination where my T-zone gets oily. I have pores I would like to minimize and some skin redness. I’m also in my late 30s so wrinkles and anti-ageing is a concern. Oh and I do get break-outs from time to time. So I have a bit of everything!


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  1. Nice vid,right to the point ,i like that.im about to start the program,i dont cook much at all so im worried i wont be able to stick to the menu but we shall see.im 214 need to get to 190

  2. This is great! Hoping to start soon. Looking for some accountability as far as food goes. I have no problem working out. But eating has always been a problem for me. I think I need some support.

  3. This is EXACTLY my mindset on this new program. The all or nothing and why My fitness pal was no longer working. I learned to cheat mfp or would get bummed I was out of cals and quit. Same for the breakfast, snacking, and trusting the system and not overthinking it. At least until I revamp my ways of eating. I want to learn for the longterm.

  4. Great video very informative WW💙is great I've been doing it for 10 years its the only
    Thing that keeps me on track great meeting great lifestyle 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙👍can't wait for more videos

  5. Very nice video. I like your ideas to help others in this WW journeys. I would like to know what is your daily routine to loss more weight. I am stuck, I loss 10 pounds and that’s it. Thank you

  6. Thank you for the last bit. I also don’t care for breakfast and don’t really need it to get through the morning. So it’s good to hear that you don’t but still lose weight with this.

  7. Great Video…I'm new to WW and I really enjoyed your tips…and you sound a lot like me.  Please post more and maybe show how you use the app.

  8. OK. Firstly most people who are overweight do not eat because we are hungry, and don’t stop when satisfied.

    Food is an obsession and exercise is not. It’s simple. You need to expend more energy then you are taking in.

    So…in my mind this is how I rationalize what I have learned about WW.
    If I eat as much 0 point food as I want, no limits, (it is zero points after all) I can then consume an additional 20 or so points (1000 calories) that same day and would still loose weight.

    So if I ate three pounds chicken breast no added anything, a pound of apples and two pounds of carrots and other legal vegetables. Plus a 1000 extra calories in day day from bread (from left over points.) I would still drop 20 lbs a month. This for MANY is not a silly or stupid question.

    The chicken alone has around 1400 hundred calories. (And yes I could easily eat two pounds, I don’t have an off switch, and am not easily sated as mentioned above)

    You are saying I can still loose weight? If so where do I sign up?

  9. Love love love your WW videos…I'm debating rejoining again. You're very inspiring. On another note, I can't believe you're 40 … I thought you were in your 20s WOW. Keep up the great work!!

  10. Okay, it’s my first day and it’s around 1pm and I have 17 points left and this seems way to good to be true, iv eaten everything that I wanted today and still haven’t even gone down halfway yet. Am I doing something wrong?

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