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Vlog: What to Expect The 1st Week After Gallbladder Removal Surgery | What I Ate | Scars

Vlog: What to Expect The 1st Week After Gallbladder Removal Surgery | What I Ate | Scars

Vlog: What to Expect The 1st Week After Gallbladder Removal Surgery | What I Ate | Scars

Documentary: What I endured the first week after I had my gallbladder removed.
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  1. Thank you. I will be having this surgery in a few days and many family members tried to talk me out of it. I was also very afraid to do the surgery. Your video put me at some ease. Thank you! 1 and a half weeks to go!

  2. I really appreciate this video. I felt like I was at a dead end with looking up articles on the after math of the surgery especially when it came to food. Today is day 10 and I am craving like crazy but I’m sticking to soups, grilled chicken and corn and a few other small things.

  3. I got mine removed on August 15, 2019…I had trouble getting up for the first couple of days, I couldn’t eat much but the only thing that would make me full is mash potatoes & smoothies. I did stand up to cough or if i had gas because laying down it hurt so much. Nod the tape is starting to come off my scars. This is the best decision I ever made because the week before surgery I was in the hospital and couldn’t keep anything down cause everything I ate inflamed my gallbladder. My recovery pain wasn’t too bad

  4. did you have any problem with standing up straight after surgery? any pain/discomfort in incision areas or stomach in general ?

  5. Could not agree with u more! I am 2 days post op, I ask myself…why did I put myself through years of torture? I am so glad I went through with it! People ask me how I am feeling and honestly the pain is nothing compared to the constant pain I have had. My only issue is the fear of what to eat. I am going to slowly add food as you did. Thanks for the video!

  6. I seem to be four years older than you. I had mine out exactly two weeks ago as I type this, to the hour. I never had any foods gave me bad effects before it (that I noticed — I LOVE peanut butter and broccoli), it's just I had a stone escape in May and block the bile duct and I had a really bad pain/vomiting attack for three hours one night which I took for food poisoning. I got better after that, but not totally, and my wife noticed I'd turned green so I went to the Urgent Care. They did an ERCP to remove the stone a few days later, and then 11 weeks later took out the gall bladder (it could have been sooner, but it took 7 or 8 weeks to recover from the jaundice).

    I also went home two hours after the surgery. I didn't have any problems with the wounds themselves or my throat, but just a general pain all across my lower abdomen, and it was painful to breathe deeply, or to get up from bed or especially (I don't know why) to lie down again for the first few minutes. Sitting in an office chair was fine. I tried stopping the meds on the 3rd day and although I didn't feel the pain was bad, I noticed that I'd sit blankly in front of an email or something for several hours with nothing happening, or else just sleep all the time. So I started the codeine again on a lower dose for two more days and was actually a normal functioning human during that time.

    Internet says that stool softener they give everyone is useless and does nothing. I didn't take it. I just didn't eat anything at all for five days (only juice). Just didn't feel like eating and it doesn't do any harm for a week or two. On the 4th day I started burping and farting. Stomach starting to wake up… On the 5th day I went straight to normal food (meat and salad). No problems. And on the 6th day I pooed. No strain, just waiting until I felt like I needed to go and then went gave it 15 min and everything started flowing by itself.

    They'd left a drain tube in the big hole in my side. I had to empty a little bulb from that twice a day — about 3 oz total on each of days two and three, then dropped to 1 oz a day from then on. Had surgeon follow-up on day 7 and he removed it then. Day 10 (a Monday) I went into the office for a few hours. Was very tired after it. Day 12 I took the car for servicing and while I was there test rode some bicycles at a nearby store and bought one. Walked a couple of km. Felt good. Day 13, another ERCP to remove a stent they'd left in and any remaining stone fragments. Day 14 (today), went for an early morning 75 minute bicycle ride, to my wife's horror as I wasn't supposed to "drive" for 24 hours and it was only 18 hours.

    I guess you can tell I'm feeling fine.

    Numbness: I'm just now on days 13 and 14 getting some feeling back in the little finger and one next to it on my left hand and right to the wrist from them. Right hand started off about how the left is now, and is now just a little tingly. At the follow-up the surgeon said it's common and is from the crucifix position they have you tied down in during the surgery, which apparently pinches a nerve. It probably depends on exact details, and also on how long the surgery is (mine was about 90 minutes).

    Weight (I'm 180 cm / 5'11'): 133.8 kg just before the gallstone attack, 119 kg by the time I'd gone to the Dr and got to the first ERCP 23 days later. 114 kg lowest point before the jaundice started to clear. 124 kg at the gall stone surgery two weeks ago. 119 now. Don't know what will happen now .. they say appetite can be less after gall bladder removal and you may also not digest as much fat, so a lot of people lose weight. Would not be a bad thing.

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. Did you feel any soreness or bloating during the first few weeks after your gall bladder removal?

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