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Visalus challenge kit "bodybyvi" "New Video"

Visalus challenge kit "bodybyvi" "New Video"

Visalus challenge kit "bodybyvi" "New Video"

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Transform your Life
with the ViSalus Body by Vi™ 90–Day Challenge
Want to lose weight, tone up, or just get healthy? Join the Body by Vi™ 90–Day
Challenge, and you will not only help yourself, but others too.
Many of us are looking for a simple solution, an easy way to get in shape! Most
of us have tried fad diets that left us bored, hungry, or spending hundreds
of dollars on special foods. Or we bought exercise videos that didn’t tell us
anything about nutrition and aren’t targeted to special needs.
Now, ViSalus™ has created Body by Vi™, combining our unique and life
transforming products along with our online and offline support tools. No
one else can offer the same comprehensive program that includes a simple
nutritional plan with recipes, menus, exercise tips and programs, and online
community support. If you’d rather not get weighed in public, or eat expensive
foods, or be forced to go to the gym, this is the program for you.
Body by Vi™ includes all of the tools, support, and products you need for an
entire month! Our program allows you to join others online and learn exercise
tips, recipes, menu planning and more. No one else provides the powerful
combination of nutrition, support, education, and exercise like ViSalus™!
1. 30 days and 60 meals of fun, flavorful, body-shaping energy! Includes our
Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins, so you can personalize your shake flavors
with powerful nutrient benefits and rich flavor.
2. Nutritional support to help you curb hunger, burn fat, and feel great from
head to toe.
3. Optimal support with a robust Omega Vitals blend that supports heart
health, cognitive function, joint health, and more!
4. Healthy energy and hydration, to help your body fight fatigue and stay
5. Online and offline tools to help you stay on track, meet new friends, learn
new ways to eat, and get all the support you need at your fingertips anytime
day or night!
Balance Kit Only
Shape Kit Only
Core Kit Only 9
Transformation Kit Only 9
Fit Kit Only 9
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