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vegan hair loss + how I grew it back

vegan hair loss + how I grew it back

vegan hair loss + how I grew it back

Loosing hair can be DEVASTATING.
In this video I talk about my personal experience with hair loss and the things that helped me grow it back.

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  1. Taking collagen makes my hair fall out. Any chance you know why that would happen? I do take bio-sil & lots of other supplements. Just curious why collagen makes my hair fall out in chunks.

  2. Being vegan does no result in hair loss. You have some other issue if you lose hair. I'm over 50, vegan, and have not lost my hair, not bald, and hardly any gray compared to most people my age. This is just another myth spread by meatrds.

  3. QUESTION: How long did it take before you were able to see that your hair was getting thicker?–once you added more protein and the vitamins. Thanks 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for this video dear. I will indeed get my hormones tested because something is going on. Meanwhile, I have ordered all the vitamins you mentioned and will let you know in one month too if that is of any help for the channel and other people facing the same problem.

  5. I've lost 40% of my hair since going vegan in 10/1994. I do know I have too much male hormone, sadly. I've not been checked in eons though. Now I'm middle aged and dealing with THAT attack on hair. My hair also grows very sloooooow. #annoying I just learned from another video that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause hair loss! That is one I did not know about. Coincidentally, I just started taking 10,000 IU of D this past week because I've gotten suspicious I'm lacking D lately for other reasons. Even in the desert Southwest, it's not uncommon that people are low in D.

  6. Hello Kate! I watch your videos the day they come out, so I watched this way back in June. I wanted to come back and thank you.

    I am pretty well versed in supplements (I work in Whole Body at Whole Foods part-time and I have my MPH) – but I somehow didn't know about choline. I struggle with food and as a result, my diet is fairly restrictive. I have been losing a lot of hair and I have tried biotin, silica, horsetail, hair, skin and nail supplements, adding more protein, collagen, and a host of other things. Nothing seemed to help.

    I started taking choline after watching this figuring it couldn't hurt and I have noticed far less hair falling out in the past few weeks. I don't think it is very widely known this can be helpful for hair loss (brain health, yes, but hair loss not so much), so this information is incredibly useful to get out there. Particularly for those who are not consuming meat, dairy, and fish.

    So, anyway, thank you for not only this video but for being a really positive presence in so many ways (today's video for example). Much love and warm vibes!

  7. You look so much healthier after you stopped eating majority fruit. You’re videos are so inspirational and knowledgeable. I love watching your videos!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this video, I've been vegan for 2 years and been battling hair loss on and off. Today I've been so down and upset as my hair is now at point of your before picture but in 3 places. I'm going to phone the doctor today and get my hormones checked. I used to have super thick hair and I ate a lot of eggs and fish…a lot! So I'm wondering if choline has a big part to play in hair. I'll definitely look into it.
    I also wanted to say that previously I've not subscribed because you were too…raw…lol. However, the few more recent videos I've picked up on I've loved. It's so refreshing to hear a vegan say their diet wont cure everything and being compassionate to everyone. I've subscribed now 🥰

  9. I just wanted to say Thank you. I got the biosil drops ( I can't do pills I know big baby) they have made such a difference in my nail OMG IM SO HAPPY !! Before they were snapping off left and right and I always had nice strong nails.
    Again Thank you 💋

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