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UTS Science in Focus: The Science of weight loss

UTS Science in Focus: The Science of weight loss

UTS Science in Focus: The Science of weight loss

When someone loses weight – where does it go? This ground-breaking talk will change the way you think about weight loss and you’ll be absolutely riveted with the demonstrations that illustrate the weight loss process with the aid of liquid nitrogen and a balloon! The talk by Ruben Meerman will be followed by an expert panel discussion featuring UTS academics and researchers from other institutions.

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  1. Obesity is costing the government billions. I wish the government spent money subsidising gym and sport memberships to encourage Australians to be healthy.

  2. 56:00..whey protein, I was excited but then Matt never spoke about whey protein, I wish I heard his thoughts on whether whey protein powder is a waste of time or not.

  3. This proves that lifting weights at the gym just doesn't cut it when it comes to weight loss, clearly running,cycling quite fast is necessary!

  4. So if your weight loss plateaus from the extracellular matrix not shrinking as fast as the adipose tissue is shrinking, how can we make the extracellular matrix shrink at the same rate so as not to cause stress? Or did I understand what he said wrong?

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