Weight Loss

Using A Fitbit To Lose Weight

Using A Fitbit To Lose Weight

Using A Fitbit To Lose Weight

How can an average person start to lose weight realistically? The Truth is weight loss is a complex topic. I have had several other attempts to lose weight, but none seemed to last long term. I needed to find a weight loss plan that was a good long term plan I could fit into my life, and I could stick with. The ways I lost weight is not only sustainable, it’s very easy to stick with. Using my Fitbit to monitor my activity and my eating habits, I really started to lose some fat an. Get in better shape. It’s just some simple steps and I’ll show you how I did it. You can lose that weight too!
Basal Metabolic Rate calculator – https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bmr_calculator.htm

Link to my Fitbit – https://amzn.to/2rte3D1

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  1. Awesome! I finally splurged on an honest to goodness FitBit, after having gone through enough cheapo pedometers to have paid for the FitBit a long while back. It is more encouraging just wearing it! And it's replaced my watches so no more stinkin little watch batteries to buy!!! That's a win in itself.

  2. Well done. – Your ability to deliver your message is excellent. – I am a former world-class athlete. Currently trying to get back to it. At 54 (almost 55) I've been through three different cancer battles, including 161 chemotherapy treatments, as well as paralysis. I suffer from long-term nerve and lymphatic damage that has left me with certain physical disabilities/limitations. – And while I am more "able" than others my age, based upon my athletic background, I find myself often in ruts that I am not able to get out of. – Currently trying to lose 10 lbs. And for some reason, it's not coming off. That's where looking for vids like yours came into play; I totally spaced on the whole apple cider vinegar/lemon water drink. I did it years ago, and it worked. So to see your vid on it, was a necessary reminder. Then to be linked from that video to this, was also very helpful. – I look at life this way; we can all learn from one another. Even those of us who were "elite" athletes can and often do, need reminding… especially as we get older, of the basic things we can do to just function better on a day to day basis. – All of that said, I am grateful to have stumbled upon your videos and even more grateful that you took the time to make them. – Here's an unlisted link of me slowly getting back to it. – Peace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6r2jl-xZ0U

  3. I’ve just watched a couple of your vids my New Years resolution is to do 100+ pushups a day and completely quit junk food and you vids have helped motivate me to do just that

  4. The walking doing 3 to 4 miles brisk walk for 1 hour each day and drinking water brought me from 228 to 205 in three months!

  5. Your video just encourage me right now to improve my health, weighing 225.2lbs and bodyfat of 35%. So thank you for the motivation.

  6. Hey thanks so much Ur plan is very simple & its what im going to follow Looking 4ward2 ur next video Oh & itd b very helpful if u add what u eat 4 breakfast & dinner Thanks & Happy trails 🌈

  7. Hi i'm from Indonesia
    Thank you for making this video,.. I've already start exercising about 1months & drink ACV about one weeks.

  8. Man this is just awesome.
    I'd like to see your meal plan. At least your breajfast and dinner since those ones look like the tricky ones 🙂
    Good job with explaining your method – I am about to try it!

  9. Congrats. Now imagine if you worked out with a personal trainer where you’ll be in 6-12 months. Your wife will get jealous every time you go out because of all the attention you’ll get from other ladies. Then you have another problem to deal with other than your weight. 😄

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