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U Weight Loss Coffee : Revital U Brew Weight Loss Coffee Review

U Weight Loss Coffee Video

U Weight Loss Coffee

Revital U Brew Weight Loss Coffee Review

Revital U Brew Weight Loss Coffee Review

Here is my honest review for the Revital U Brew coffee. This coffee is intended for losing weight, more energized, and better focus.

This product was sent to me in exchange for my honest review.

Revital U Brew Coffee

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  1. How does this work if you're only supposed to drink one cup of coffee a day? I can see how it can suppress your appetite for a few hours but how is it supposed to suppress your appetite for an entire day and make you not want to eat a lot?? If you drink it first thing in the morning. I tried this last year and besides the coffee tasting really good it didn't work at all as in you seeing any results and weight loss.

  2. I hear it gives you the feeling like the film LIMITLESS so basically gives you the energy and makes you alot smarter… is that true?

  3. Love this product! I've lost 12 lbs in one month! My sister got a 3 day sample and dropped 8 lbs just off of the sample, that was surprising!

  4. What the deal with it being not recommended for pregnant or nursing moms. Im nursing. Will it decrease milk supply?

  5. I just got my 3 samples today. Want to start tomorrow. Do I add it to my regular coffee? Or just to hot water? And if it's just with hot water can I add my flavored creamer?

  6. Hello I love the product been using it for 2 weeks off and on now .. I really want to know if it’s anything I can take to not loose weight .. I love the energy and focus it’s give me when studying I do take Vitacraves but I still notice the decrease in my appetite.. any suggestions?

  7. I have a friend who has lost 30 pounds and I want to lose 20 so she sent me some samples and I am on day two. #1 It really does get you going not that I ever had a problem in that area but WOW, I am super revved up. I usually only drink about 6 oz of coffee per day and I am sensitive to stimulants but don't get the heart palpitations from this like I have from similar products in the past which is good. # I am SUPER thirsty, I am already on my 3rd 24 oz bottle of water and I normally only drink 3 – 4 per day. It's only day two but yesterday I weighed myself and took measurements so I can see if I have any results.

  8. I just started drinking this coffee and on my 3rd sample. I feel the difference with mood as well as energy. I hate coffee and I don’t drink coffee. However, this is great !! I drink it hot and with NO sugar or creamer. Now I’m gong to buy a 30 day supply to see if I loose any weight.

  9. About how many hours does this coffee give you energy? I stopped drinking regular caffinated coffee a few weeks ago because it wasn't giving me any energy anymore and two Thursdays in a row (idk why it happened to me on Thursdays back to back) but I'm on anxiety medication and have been since 2010 and its never clashed with my coffee drinking but the coffee recently drinking coffee would give me a headache after my first two sips then would make me jittery and panicky. My supervisor sent me home the week b4 last and Iaid down and went to sleep, but my heart rate didn't calm down till the next day.i ordered a sample of revital brew and got it in the mail today. I want to drink it tomorrow morning. I'm out on spring break from work and usually sluggish during the day and can't keep up with my 23 month old b/c my med makes me sleepy, I think but evrn b4 I was put on anxiety meds I would be tired and sleepy during the day back when I was in 21 in 2007. My friends were saying I should see if I had diabetes. I don't have diabetes or anything wrong with me, so Idk why I get sleepy during the day besides the meds I'm on for anxiety.

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