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The Untold Truth About Jonathan From Queer Eye

The Untold Truth About Jonathan From Queer Eye

The Untold Truth About Jonathan From Queer Eye

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Jonathan Van Ness first burst onto the scene, and into our hearts, as part of Netflix’s rebooted super-hit Queer Eye. As one fifth of the brand new Fab Five, he was a sparkly, positive, meme-generating breath of fresh air. But there’s a lot most fans don’t know about the TV star…

Idol on the ice | 0:18
Rising like a phoenix | 1:11
Landing Queer Eye | 1:42
Getting real | 2:24
Battling depression | 2:58
His thing with ‘Lisa Rinna’ | 3:47

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  1. Johnatan is one of the most adorable people on this earth. I there’s just something so endearing and pure about him. Just positive and fun and loving ♥️♥️

  2. He is such a beautiful, gorgeous human being. To be in the depths of despair and to rise above that to become a kind and compassionate person!

  3. If he is as gay as he pretends then he should be accepting of everyone including those that disagree with him otherwise he is now bullying others.

  4. Did your Google search engine fail you or what. He did Gay of Thrones and even had some GOT stars on it. I guess like politicians you only have a "truth" thats on your agenda.

  5. Sounds to me like he was actively being hunted with shotguns by his peers. Yikes!
    Oh and Jonathan? You can marry whoever the fuck you like I will support it. Heck marry a sock and I'll plan the festivities.

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