Weight Loss

The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods

The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods

The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods

I explain how zero calorie foods actually could have hundreds of calories, I debunk negative calorie foods, and I reveal the one true weight-losing super food. Also, Tom Scott! More Below! CLICK SHOW MORE!
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How the Calorie Content of Food is Determined















this experience has been surreal. love y’all.

Made with love by Alex Nickel. Thanks for watching!
//Technicality Episode 48//

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  1. The butter thing – 5 sprays are 4 cals, let's say you use 10 sprays, that's still very little cals, so idk idk.. Noone consumes a whole bottle 🤷🏼‍♀️ still pretty weird though 😂

  2. The longer diet soda is around the more and more studies have come out talking about the negative health effects of aspartame too :l you are legit almost better off drinking a regular can of soda in moderation of course) in my opinion. I thought you were going to talk about things like this but you actually ended up answering another question of mine: how can zero calorie foods have zero calories?! Great video man!!!!

  3. nice vid. enjoyed very much indeed. and not so much speeding problem as in guest video with tom. – bit slower speaking is easier to understand. pause was great, though, best timing. 🙂
    only one but: tom scott never asked ppl to subscribe, i.e. does not waste time on that 🙂 at least so he got his first million subscribers. it goes without saying, that if you like it, you subscribe. – maybe it's american thing? that if coca-cola was not advertised ppl'd stop drinking it totally? at least in usa. (meself, i find this thing utterly and totally disgusting, regardless of zeros and things, tastes for me mildly nauseating in fact)

  4. Dude, you might look like teenager, but you have brain like Einstein. Will subscribe dude, thanks for sharing the information and give us some knowledge. You might eat slightly slower thought, considered the non English speaker..

  5. awesome video dude & your are hella funny !!! .. just 1 thing though … water has calories my dude . anything that has a temperature rating has calories 😉

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