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The Truth About Plexus, Advocare, ItWorks!, and other MLM Health and Weight Loss Products

The Truth About Plexus, Advocare, ItWorks!, and other MLM Health and Weight Loss Products

The Truth About Plexus, Advocare, ItWorks!, and other MLM Health and Weight Loss Products

Are these products healthy or a waste of money?
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I got a question in the comments of one of my other videos asking for my thoughts on multi-level-marketing/networking marketing health and weight loss products, like Plexus, Advocare, ItWorks!, etc. Now there are a lot of companies that fall into this category, including the ones this commenter asked about, but they are are focused on weight loss, improving health, or a combination of the two. A lot of them are based on supplements and shakes and others bring in body wraps too. The big questions with these products are whether or not they work, if they’re healthy, and if they’re worth the money. I have a lot of thoughts and issues with many of these products, so it’s time for us to talk about it.


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  1. Idk about the other products but plexus works for many stuff my daughters eczema cleared up my stomach ibs I wasnt having problems i didnt use it for weight loss you can use it for that but everyone on it i know is on it for some health reason like arthritis, autoimmune disorder, stomache issues like ibs so like I said idk about the others but I took plexus for a month to try it and when I stopped taking it aches pains and terrible stomache issues came back even my kids used it for various thing so I dont agree with you I didnt change anything I ate other than it took my sugar cravings away when I was on the product

  2. Not to be mean but I’m 16 and I was 210 pounds I literally lost 27 pounds because I was really unhealthy 😩 and couldn’t walk. But I got it from my doctor. And I have tons of energy! And because I had a lot of stress. And now I really don’t I love working out! And I’m not angry like I used to be. But I take plexus ! It’s not bad for you. I ran 2 miles on my treadmill 😆☺️

  3. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear from a smaller bodied person that weight does NOT equal health. Great video!

  4. Also, another thing…many of the same people such as yourself against these companies have not problem spending buttloads of prescription medications and over the counter medications that contain harmful chemicals, but suggest products that are non gmo and have healthy all natural ingredients in them and its a scam and too expensive but most people already spend that much on prescription medications. I have heard of people actally being able to get off these harmful medications or reduce the amount of medication they take. As far as the FDA??? I DON'T TRUST THE FDA

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