Weight Loss

The Dr. V Diet

The Dr. V Diet

The Dr. V Diet

Dr. Duc Vuong, the Support Surgeon, explains a much easier and healthier way to eat. Try the #DrVDietChallenge today.

This is great advice for gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, duodenal switch, or any weight loss surgery. Stop dieting. Food is NOT fuel for your body but rather fuel for your dreams!

Come learn from Dr. V Live in person at his first ever Weekend Workshop, Unleash Your Sleeve!


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  1. Leafy greens are so necessary. Just look at how the animal kingdom grows from just eating grass, like cows!

  2. As a vegan VSG patient, thank you! No nutritionist I’ve seen post op has stressed raw fruits and vegetables. They constantly push protein. This is a more natural way to eat for me & I can’t wait to start!

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