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The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)

When it comes to “the best diet to lose weight” (also known as a “cutting diet”), you’ll get A LOT of suggestions as to which diet to lose weight fast you should follow. However, the truth is that whether it’s keto, intermittent fasting, paleo, and so on, all of these diets work by making it easier for you to eat at a calorie deficit. These diets don’t have a “secret” fat loss effect which has been proven time and time again in the literature. Simply meaning that the best weight loss diet or the best diet for abs for example is the one that you can adhere to the best. However, weight loss is one thing and fat loss is a whole other variable which is MUCH more important when it comes to improving your physique. When it comes to optimizing the best fat loss diet, you need to pay attention to how much protein,fats, and carbs you’re ingesting on a daily basis. I go through how to optimize each of these factors to create the best fat burning diet in my video. I also show a daily nutrition/meal plan (full day of eating) for fat loss with various examples/macros of what I personally eat on a daily basis.


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The BEST Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (All Meals Shown!)

Diet meta-analysis:
Lose 0.7% bodyweight per week:
Eric Helms study:
Brad protein spread out:
Post-workout meal:
Meal before bed:
Under-reporting calories:


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  3. I’m a kid so I just eat less… like one chicken breast and a couple vegetables tables and most importantly a gallon of water a DAY! Also at school I just buy yogurt for lunch

  4. How about ur a wrestler , we have to starve r self sometimes , this year I wanna maintain and gain my muscles while losing 20 pounds in under 2 weeks

    Would it be good to take protein pre work out before wrestling practice while cutting weight ?

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  6. i’ve lost 8.5kg in a month with intermittent fasting with not much effort. it has been proven that while fasted your body produces human growth hormone so your body won’t tear down muscle tissue. at your first days it’s difficult to keep up but you get used to it. you need to keep note of your weight because after some time you hit a kind of a barrier where you don’t lose weight that easy, at THAT point is where you focus on these type of things. it’s all personal experience, i hit that barrier after 8,5kg and then i had to start working out and using these type of diets, after another month i’ve lost another 3kg. as i said this is personal experience and if it doesn’t work for you i’m sorry, but my advice is that you try it out

  7. quick question here: for calculating your daily calorie intake – does the (body weight x 13) formula calculate maintenance calories or calories required for 1 LB per week of fat loss? I am having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around BMR, maintenance calories, and calorie deficits. I am 87KG, 177cm, 26 year old male – my BMR as per various online calculators is around 2000 calories, maintenance is supposedly 2500 calories (which is actually exactly the figure I got when I multiplied my weight in LB by 13 as recommended in this video) – Seriously guys someone break it down for me I have no idea how many calories I should be eating… thanks in advance.

  8. I lost about 10 kilos(~20pounds) in a period in my life where i studied, seated, barely moving all day for a year. The secret, focus so much on study that you forget to eat. ( side effects: stress, loss of efficiency and depression)

  9. Don't diet and just eat healthy. Diets barely work consistency and eating things (that are healthy) you actually like is better than a diet.

  10. 2018 and ppl still dont fully understand how weight loss works. i lost about 55 pounds on the keto diet in 7 months. u can be in a calorie surplus and lose weight.. there is more to losing weight than just calories in vs calories out. u will lose weight in calorie reduction.. but there is another method and thats carb/glucose tracking.

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