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Team Weight Loss Percentage Calculator : How to Calculate Macros for Fat Loss | Gauge Girl Training

Team Weight Loss Percentage Calculator Video

Team Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

How to Calculate Macros for Fat Loss | Gauge Girl Training

How to Calculate Macros for Fat Loss | Gauge Girl Training

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If you want to drop weight, but want clear cut guidance on a starting point for how to calculate your macronutrients aka “macros” the look is over. Check out this straightforward introduction on what factors impact your macros and how to calculate them for your own needs. For more info on how to tweak your macros, comment below! For a consultation or custom meal plan with all this calculated out for you, go to gaugegirltraining.com TODAY and mention you learned about us from youtube for a special discount on your program!

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Si desea perder peso, pero quiere una guía clara sobre un punto de partida para calcular sus macronutrientes, también conocido como “macros”, la apariencia ha terminado. Vea esta introducción directa sobre qué factores afectan sus macros y cómo calcularlos para sus propias necesidades. Para obtener más información sobre cómo modificar sus macros, ¡comente a continuación! Para una consulta o un plan de comidas personalizado con todo esto calculado para usted, vaya a gaugegirltraining.com TODAY y mencione que ha aprendido sobre nosotros desde youtube para obtener un descuento especial en su programa.

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  1. I loved your Chanel, but I tried the best that I could with my math 'skills' to get in the number you got with your informations, and I couldn't. What you did to get 1428 calories out of your informations?
    Did you calculate it already taking out 500? do you convert lbs to kg? ft to cm?

  2. What is the activity level for someone who doesnt go to the gym or workout but they are working in a cafe as a barista? I was thinking lightly active as their job is on their feet but they dont do any other exerise

  3. idk how i'm messing on the calculation but when i checked your bmr to make sure mine was right i got like 100 kcal less

  4. Is it healthy to cut fat for my macros in order to stay on my daily calorie goal? Especially since my carbs is on 17.4g already

  5. I feel so educated! Things are clicking. I want to follow the calculations. But after I calculated my BMR, I didn't understand the math to calculate what my macros should be. I could use alittle help if anyone understands

  6. What am I doing wrong? From the above formula with your stats I get a different BMR.
    (10 x weight in kgs) + (6.25 x height in cm) – (5 x age) – 161
    (10 x 64 kgs) + (6.25 x 173 cm ) – (5 x 34 yrs old) – 161 =
    ( 640 ) + ( 1081.25 ) – ( 170 ) – 161 = 1390.25

    Please tell me how you got 1428.3 for your BMR. I'm not trying to be pushy. I just want to make sure of my mistakes so I can get my BMR correct.

  7. Thanks, Christine, for such helpful information. I’m going to give it a try…wish me luck!
    I was wondering…Will this work for all body types or only certain body types?

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