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Sunday WEEKLY Plan w Me | meal prep, workouts, inside my google calendar

Sunday WEEKLY Plan w Me | meal prep, workouts, inside my google calendar

Sunday WEEKLY Plan w Me | meal prep, workouts, inside my google calendar

My Sunday WEEKLY Plan With Me | daily habit tracker, inside my google calendar, planning my workouts of the week, & a healthy meal prep | RENEE AMBERG | i owed you guys for July xx |

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  1. love the idea of a daily habit tracker I do something similar where I have 5 tasks and I try to complete those 5 each day and after 21 days I drop them from the list and replace them with another new habit I want to obtain. Another really good book is " the beauty of discomfort by Amanda Lang. it helps us realize that the uncomfortable things we don't want to do are actually what we need in every aspect of life.

  2. This video seriously had me stop everything and organize my whole life together in every way😂 awesome video. Loved the editing and all of your tips, definitely relatable and motivating😊👍💕

  3. Please try to work on not saying "like" so many times. I had a really hard time getting through the video for this main reason.

  4. Yes! 🙌🏼 I use google drive and calendar as well to plan my life. I used to have several bullet journals and that overwhelmed me.

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