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Safe Dose Dosage Range Pediatric Calculations Nursing Drug Math (Video 7)

Safe Dose Dosage Range Pediatric Calculations Nursing Drug Math (Video 7)

Safe Dose Dosage Range Pediatric Calculations  Nursing Drug Math (Video 7)

Safe dose range calculations for calculating pediatric safe dosages for nursing students. For the NCLEX exam and in nursing school, you will be required to solve pediatric calculations such as safe dosage range math calculations. These dosage and calculation problems require you to convert a child’s weight and solve for how much of a drug a child can receive based on the recommended safe dose range. Don’t forget to check out my dosage and calculation videos:

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  1. What happens if the dose is not safe? What do we do? Tell the Doctor to change it? Is the Nurse in charge to convert the dose to the correct metric unit?

  2. You deserve all the tuition my entire cohort and I paid to our school lol you are such an amazing teacher and we all value you as a life saving resource!

  3. These videos are so helpful. Only issue, I am DEPLORABLE at math. Is there any way you could do want over have examples? Thank you!!

  4. Hello Sara….I am so glad to have found your videos… I m writing my pharmacy exams soon and we do have a lot of these calculations. I have watched all your calculation videos and I cant thank you enough for making these calculations so easier…I am so in love with the dimensional analysis method…Thank u so much for making calculations so much simpler…

  5. Thank you SO much for explaining everything so clearly and simply. I was frustrated until I found your video. I've subscribed and look forward to learning from more of your tutorials. God bless you!

  6. Oh my goodness you are the best…. am doing my RN right now and i did not get my teacher when she was teaching these calculations. I have an exam on Monday which you need 100% to be allowed to start passing Meds. Thank you very very much.

  7. I'm too slow in math and calculation is a hindrance to me. But you really helped me in your videos! I got perfect score on your quiz. Number 7 of this particular quiz has typo in the answer which is actually 1418

  8. Thank you so so much for your helpful videos. I love that you use demensional analysis for these problems . love your channel 🙂

  9. You are such a beautiful blessing! Thank you so much for explaining these important med-math steps. I've used the formula method, but I am sold on the dimensional analysis method. I can everything clearly. I will continue to review your videos. I am excited about this. Thanks so much!

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