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Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan | How to loose weight | WomenNow TV | Ena Sarkar

Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan | How to loose weight | WomenNow TV | Ena Sarkar

Rujuta Diwekar Diet Plan | How to loose weight | WomenNow TV | Ena Sarkar

Mitahar is India’s ancient wisdom that teaches you to eat local, seasonal foods and celebrate homegrown culinary knowledge so that you may experience a higher sense of wellbeing in your body and a better sense of harmony with your surroundings. It accounts for the fact that every human being is unique and that season, location, stresses, lifestyle, attitude, family, work, friends, everything plays an important role in deciding what your body needs at a given time.

P.S.: I like to call my nutrition program “mitahar” because I believe in intelligent and insightful eating and that there is more to life than how much you weigh. It will educate you to make intelligent choices about food and exercise, taking into account your lifestyle and your fitness goals, and will keep you young in your body and sharp in your mind. Sounds good? Will you lose weight? Yes, as a by-product!

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  1. Hi every one please do follow Sri rajiv dixit lectures you get complete solution to all kinds of diseases she is follower of rajiv dixit follow Indian food rice or wheat local food what your forefathers eat do stop using refined oil use ground nut sesame oil cold press stop using refined salt use sea salt or rock salt what.ever you like diabetes thyroid bp arthritis will be cured

    eat cow ghee it cures cholesterol ghee cures all kinds of diseases just follow what our forefathers that's it.

  2. i Koke this , bug i have a question pls is this food wisdom idea only for Indians? I mean shud i go and search my ancestors food? or Indian food will be good for me as well ?

  3. While on the "fetching tuti space" (Google it) program, a few of my colleagues shed over 13 lbs! Knowing about this intrigued me to Google such plan too. After trying it, I was also able to accomplish weight loss. It has been a week since I tried it so I still have more to claim regarding its advantages..

  4. I hope she comes and lives in North India in the month of August and I really wish she is able to stay without the AC for a week here..

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