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Reviewing RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1

Reviewing RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1

Reviewing RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1

Reviewing RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 – http://www.extremehealthzone.com/realdose-weight-loss-formula-no-1-review/

Watch this video if you want to learn more detailed information about Weight Loss Formula No. 1. This video is quick and straight to the point about Weight Loss Formula No. 1.

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  1. Medications have been created to effectively lose fat, however, the FDA typically makes anything that is effective, nearly impossible to obtain.   Anything that has a significant effect can be abused, so it becomes unavailable.  People tend to abuse everything unfortunately.  You come up with some weight loss method that works, and then some people take 10 times the effective dose thinking that more is better, when in fact, more just makes you sick and have things like heart attacks and strokes.  As for this RealDose formula.. I am turned off by the slick marketing.  This video pretends to be an objective review of the product, but is in fact a commercial for it.  It is too expensive.

  2. Excellent job on review. I normally will NOT tolerate the ad type videos that simply hold one hostage whenever you click on it out of curiosity. I get very irritated as I am ADD and am always busy I'm sure – as a result. I HATE never having an advance notice that I'm going to be held hostage for these commercial ads that often refuse to let you either pause them or set them aside for when you actually have the time to sit through it in it's entirety. But the Dr. made a lot of sense to me and while my lunch was nearly burning in the oven, I proceeded to finish the video. 

    For anyone to think they can lose weight, KEEP it off and continue to ignore the health aspect of what is put into their mouths and with zero exercise is preposterous and ridiculous. I can't count how many people I've heard say they were doing a crash diet for 2 – 3 weeks and then get "surprised" by the return of the same sized body when they returned to the SAME SIZED EATING PLAN that caused it to get that way in the first place after the crash diet was over.

    We, like this video above states, must indeed take our heads out of the sand and realize that while we must attain a level of moderation in our thinking and eating that makes sense, we must understand that if we have a stretchy garbage bag and fill it to capacity, it's not going to fit into the 13 gallon trash can it's in. It's the same thing with our bodies. We cannot expect different results if we don't make our meal choices any different.

    I have a lot of major medical factors from my past that causes many of my problems. I had Lyme @ 7 years of age and was barraged with all kinds of experimental drug programs a full week in the hospital as I was paralyzed until they decided to administer enough antibiotics for a HORSE, then it stopped. They didn't even have a name for the disease I'd had until I was 23 years old. I experienced robust physical health most of my life regardless of the fact that I never had a proper hormonal balance – ever, pretty much right up until the last 3 or so years.

    My legs swell like balloons as a long time after affect from Lyme and from what I've seen, of all the people I've known with swelling difficulties DO NOT have it under control. The medical system administers Lasiks and all kinds of drugs that have horrifying side effects that could kill off anyone's kidneys or liver after prolonged usage, I se absolutely ZERO DIFFERENCE in their swelling! So this is NOT a managed problem and the drugs are way off target in my books. They have emphatically NOT got EDEMA UNDER CONTROL BY ANY MEANS. 

    Anyway, my problems come from

    A) Lyme after effects
    B) Being subject to a host of experimental drugging
    C) Yeast overloading within the system from the over medication of antibiotics

    This is a VICIOUS cycle that I am living, and have been living for my entire adult life. I KNOW that there are many others that NEED to know what I am saying as I used to ride my bicycle 90 miles a WEEK and didn't lose an OUNCE – there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with that. I do NOT care how much or what a person eats – no extra flab ought be capable of remaining after a grueling plan such as this.

    I was raised on home grown vegetables and our own cattle. We ate vegetables at nearly EVERY meal. I have grown DEAF to most things about weight loss as they all appear as lies to a person such as myself. But when a doctor talks hormones, I listen! This makes sense all the way around but I am self employed and really, there's no extra $$$ for nearly anything once bills are paid. I'm LUCKY to put food on the table and feed my hungry car! So ………… where is the $$$ supposed to come  from to do something like this??? I just don't know.

    I am 240 pounds, super solid and 5'2. When I tell people my weight they think I'm kidding. My body is telling me I am not and I don't lie when numbers tell me the truth. I have a rough row to hoe when it comes to losing weight.

    It began in school when I was 14. I managed to keep it off but I had to go to ridiculous extremes to just simply maintain it. I was in running, swimming, skiing, waterpolo, baseball and volleyball. None of that sounds like a bad thing but I knew………. I KNEW ……… that once school was out for good, I feared GREATLY that my svelte, in shape self would get lost in a non stop growing body without the structured exercise I was obsessed with in school.
    I was right!
    I began to sink into about 100 extra pounds ever since. The good thing, I don't DO diets that aren't for LIFE – or they are temporary. And temporary is USELESS! Staying the same is better than going up and down repeatedly.
    I hope I can do this some day soon.
    To try the ONE bottle I have to save up $2.23 per day in advance FIRST! I'd love to see what it could do for my hormonal disaster I've been all of my life.

    Thank you for the research

  3. Hey guys! Anyone ever tried the Fat Blaze Factor (do a google search)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate burned alot of excess fats with it.

  4. If you want to burn calories quickly, you should search google for "Atomic Fat Loss". You are bound to get the body you deserve.

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