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Recipe Conversion Calculator and Weight Loss Calculator

Recipe Conversion Calculator and Weight Loss Calculator

Recipe Conversion Calculator and Weight Loss Calculator



Have you ever looked on the food nutrition label of some product that you buy and found that the number of calories per serving (actually the serving size) is listed in grams while your calorie guide lists the calories for that type of food in ounces? Well, it happens a lot.

Also, have you ever bought food that you carefully portioned out on your kitchen food scale only to find that the readout is in ounces and your calorie guide lists that food in grams?

Well, this FOOD UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR (couldn’t I think of a shorter name than that?) will solve that problem. It converts almost any food measurement from one to another in seconds.

That conversion ability makes it GREAT for CONVERTING RECIPES–scale them up or down at will!

Do you have a favorite summer picnic recipe for potato salad but it feeds 12 people and you only need it to feed yourself and your spouse? NO PROBLEM!

Not only that, it can convert KING’S MEASURES (like cups, pints, and ounces) to METRIC MEASURES (like liters, milliliters, and grams).

Has your oven gone CELCIUS? Convert the temperatures in recipes from FAHRENHEIT to CELCIUS with a click. Or maybe it’s your outdoor thermometer?

You might not use this calculator a lot, but when you need it, it’s invaluable and incredibly handy.


You can find the FOOD UNIT CONVERSION CALCULATOR and several other WEIGHT LOSS and DIET CALCULATORS on my website. They are free to use.
Look for the ‘CALCULATORS’ link in the sidebar.

Here’s a list of some of the calculators and how they can help you lose weight:


(BMR Calculator)
Use the Daily Calorie Allowance Calculator to get the number of calories your body needs each day (your BMR). When you find this number, you can reduce your calories below your BMR and begin to burn fat and lose weight.


Use the Ideal Body Weight Calculator to find the weight range that’s healthiest for you. Are you dieting to reach a weight that still leaves you in the “Overweight” or “Obese” range? Know for sure what you should weigh.


Use the BMI Calculator to determine how overweight you are and to determine your risk of developing weight-related diseases.

Find your classification: Underweight, Healthy, Overweight, Obese, Morbidly Obese.


Use the Food Conversion Calculator whenever you find a packaged food item whose unit of measure needs to be converted into a more familiar unit–like grams to ounces. Or you can use the calculator to scale recipes down or up–from family size to individual size, or from individual size to family size.


My premier calculator, the DAILY WEIGHT LOSS CALCULATOR, will tell you how much to eat to reach your desired weight. And if you overeat today, the calculator tells you how much you should eat tomorrow so you can still reach your weight loss goal by your deadline. And it gives you a lot more information than that! Check it out today.

Use the Daily Weight Loss Calculator to enter and track the calories you ate today. By tracking the calories you eat you can stay below your BMR which ensures that you lose weight.

You can also determine the number of calories you should eat tomorrow to reach your weight loss goal. No guessing. You’ll know exactly what it takes to reach your weight loss goal!



To Your Best Success,
J. Michael Pfau


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