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R Madhavan Weight Loss : Drink your food, chew your water: R. Madhavan at the RWC16

R Madhavan Weight Loss Video

R Madhavan Weight Loss

Drink your food, chew your water: R. Madhavan at the RWC16

Drink your food, chew your water: R. Madhavan at the RWC16

If you eat your food properly, you will be successful in your career, says film actor R. Madhavan. He talks about how he learnt how to maintain a good body and thus a healthy life.

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  1. Extraordinary … never heard a spectacular eloquent efficient speech like this thank you Madhavan priceless watching

  2. If I eat at 9 and sleep at 10, blood in the gut would digest the food by 12 and then rush back to brain for rejuvenating the body rt ? I am not denying the fact of eating before 6-7pm but I am not able to answer this qn to myself. Can someone answer here ?

  3. Profound! Thank you so much. This is a key piece I needed to hear to heal some digestive issues I am having.

  4. Wow I was taken apart listening to Mr Maddy's speech that shocked me off. All this while I see him as an actor nothing more even coming to the awards session normally actors talk just a few words to thank our support but in Mr Maddy's case it is absolutely awesome beyond imagination and believe. I never never ever thought an actor like Mr Maddy could have such an extraordinary talent and love towards the rest of the human being. Not every body does that unless they were paid to talk but most of the time talks like that tend to be s norm and no value added. Here he speaks of his experience sharing those things he went true as an instill to us. Frankly I am in a delimma and confused to listen to such a lovely speech from someone beyond my expectation that I well done Mr Maddy I salute you and just looking forward to meet you one day in Malaysia or in India. Thank you very rare speech for an actor with so much intelligent brainy skills and knowledge. May God bless you

  5. He is marvelous in giving speeches, more profound in his domain knowledge. He is a such Bollywood actor, being fan of him makes sense..

  6. Priceless information, thanx aloft R madhavan and whole organization for conducting such talks and all the very best for future programs.

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