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Progest E Weight Loss : Why I LOVE Progesterone Cream | My Experience Using PROGESTERONE CREAM

Progest E Weight Loss Video

Progest E Weight Loss

Why I LOVE Progesterone Cream | My Experience Using PROGESTERONE CREAM

Why I LOVE Progesterone Cream | My Experience Using PROGESTERONE CREAM

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I want to share my experience using natural progesterone cream and give my natural progesterone cream review. Why do I love progesterone cream? Progesterone cream has changed my life and I’m not being dramatic I truly feel that way. I started taking progesterone cream my last cycle for the very first time. I am TTC after miscarriage and trying for my second rainbow baby. Taking natural progesterone cream has helped with hormone balance and I have seen and felt many positive benefits within myself. Emerita pro-gest cream has been around for 35 years and it is a trusted brand that I feel comfortable using. Natural progesterone cream is bio-identical which means my body sees it the same as the progesterone that my body already has. My experience using natural progesterone cream has been extraordinary and it’s changed my life in the most positive way. That is why I love progesterone cream.

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  1. haw have luteal phace direct.1 missed misscarrage.for next pregnancy when sood I start to take progesterone?please help.❀

  2. Hi . Late comment question i hope you could help me with.
    I had a early miscarriage last month. I started this same cream this month after ovulation. I am wondering in the months you used this cream and you didnt fall pregnant did it cause you to have pregnancy symptoms in your luteal phase like backache and nausea? This is what is happening to me it comes and goes since 7 dpo

  3. I have severe swelling in my legs, arms, hands, pretty much everywhere. It’s constant but gets worse around my period. Have you heard anyone have improvement with progesterone cream? My fluid retention is pretty severe. I took hormone testing and my progesterone is pretty much non existent πŸ™ I’m not trying to get pregnant again but I really just want to feel normal again. I’ve been struggling for 4 years since having my son with swelling, hair falling out, my muscles are always weak, can’t sleep. 😩

  4. I am 65 and have used this for about 5 years. Great! I went off the usual HRT therapy and decided I wanted to go more natural! πŸ˜€

  5. Progesterone tests are expensive and not too accurate with women's hormonal fluctuations. It is important to use this cream on this skin such as wrists and neck. Using it on ur breasts or belly it will be stored in your fatty cells and will not work as well for hormonal balancing.

  6. I have a very short luteal phase. 8-9 days. I am starting progesterone cream this cycle. I’m hoping it lengthens my LP. Where do you apply it on your body?

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