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Pink Weight Loss : BlackPink – Lisa Weight Loss? 2016 – 2018

Pink Weight Loss Video

Pink Weight Loss

BlackPink – Lisa Weight Loss? 2016 – 2018

BlackPink - Lisa Weight Loss? 2016 - 2018

BlackPink Lisa has been under heavy scrutiny for her extremely thin frame and recent “weight loss”. But is she really losing weight or maybe even gaining? Is she just a naturally thin girl?
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  1. People when they see girl group idol lost weight
    : Omg I'm so proud of her. she looks much better now 😍
    When they see male group idol lost weight
    :Omg give my boi some food he is starving so unhealthy 😭

  2. At one point a while ago. Lisa really was too thin, on “Real Men 300” when she was weighed, they had said that she was under weight and that she needed to gain some. Tho I don’t think she starves herself, she really was to small in weight at one point. But I noticed for the Kill This Love comeback she definitely got toned and gained more. But then and now she was always beautiful to me <3

  3. She did look to have gained weight or at least looks fuller, but she also lost weight during their tour which is understandable because of the hard practicing and stuff. I think people just don’t want accept some are naturally skinny

  4. Yeah, detox juice doesn't work. It's a scam. Your liver and kidney do the detox for you. Also, in Real Men, the doctor says that Lisa is underweight and she needs to gain weight. Not hating on her or body shaming her. Just concerned about her health.

  5. one of my best friends is 12 years old and is about 1.63 tall and her body weight is a maximum of 35-37 kilos.. I was worried about her in the beginning but then I realized that she eats a lot more than me.
    For some people, it is simply very difficult to gain weight
    I know that you all now say that she is anorexic

  6. The only b.p member that ever really diets is jennie. Jisoo Rose and Lisa are always eating and remain amazing along with Jennie but if you watch Jennie doesn't eat as much and does diet while jisoo only intakes less food but eats constantly throughout and rose and lisa eat more than the others to gain and maintain if anything Lisa is gaining muscle because she works out so much with boxing and dancing

  7. I really hate this fact bout some fans that if a kpop idol is thin they hate the idols n if the kpop idols have some weight on they still get hate like what’s ur problem stop ✋ this is not fine if u gonna love Kpop idols love them for them not for who u want bout them this is srsly annoying either love them either hate them don’t bring up the weight they have or the weight loss they have it just doesn’t make any sense they’re humans too n if they want they will have a thin body n that’s not our business just cuz we are a fan of them learn how to love someone just the way they are♥️♥️

  8. People: Hates on idol because they’re too fat
    Also people: Hates idol because they’re too thin
    What are they seriously getting at? Do they think hating and giving them multiple criticism would put them in a healthy shape? When would they realize that all humans have different body types and figures.

  9. The thing that worries me is that now she lost weight again and she looks unhealthy…you can see that in Swalla 2.0 version..i just hope she's fine…

  10. The conclusion is Lisa has a fast metabolism. So you can fix that, and that a good thing. Cause she eats a lot but does not gain weight. So good for her, and I am kind of jealous right now.

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